Why the hell would you want to be an authentically audacious business owner?

As an authentically audacious business owner you:

  • Can trust your sweet inner voice to build the work you love, make aligned, wise decisions that feel good, tap into what sets your heart racing, intuit authentic ways to be visible and OUT in the world- resulting in your ideal client coming to YOU- more business, less effort!
  • Get FRIGGIN’ CLEAR about what blows your skirt up- what you want for the world, for your community, your family- and YOU. You know what matters to you, and you plan clear, active steps towards building it.
  • Align your business and your schedule according to what matters MOST for you. You bypass the burn-out, stress, depletion, and wildly fragmented, hair-ripping days where there’s not enough time for everything. Your days feel joyful– with time for everything you love- making you SO much more effective in your work!
  • Know what you want! You focus on how to clearly share what you care about to create action-based plans for moving forward in your business- think: bee-line for that golden honey, girl!
  • Have identified that Inner Critic Voice that held you back in the past, held out an olive branch to it (Can’t we all just get ALONG?!?!?), and learned how to gently release it so it stops screwing up your success.
  • Are so connected to your inner wisdom that you TOTALLY GET your inherent value- and especially the value of the work and service you offer. This allows you to set rates that feel good, work hours that you enjoy, have healthy working and personal boundaries, and attract clients and business that can’t WAIT to work with you.
  • Have learned to look honestly at your fears and resistance, and have ass-kicking tools to understand and allow it to move through you- while being able to powerfully manage your energy to ACT as if you weren’t scared at all- no show-stoppers, here!
  • You are OUT and LOUD about who you are, why you’re so amazing, and why people need to pay attention to you. Whether you’re quiet as a church mouse or loud as a gang of bikers with straight pipes, you are who you are and you RADIATE that shit. Your very YOU-ness attracts people and that’s a-ok with you! It’s just another chance to share your awesome work with the world!
  • Have a deliciously intimate relationship with the money you have- and you’ve done the work to be open to MORE! You and money are like THIS – you cuddle, go on sweet dates, take long walks on the beach together, and talk about how you’re feeling as you feed each other grapes.
  • You understand that your business is in deep service to the world and therefore, sharing it has become “expanding your community” vs “selling your soul to make a buck.” You are so connected to the value of what you offer that when you rep it you’re the lady with cupcakes in front of a school at 3 pm vs. the door-to-door encyclopedia salesman.
  • Girl- you got SUPPORT DOWN- you know your worth and the worth of the work you’re offering, and you know that all that juicyness is worth MAD support. You have learned to delegate, ask for help, accept help, and hand shit off like the head honcho you are.
  • You know how to PARTY. Seriously- you know that celebrating what you’ve achieved is WAY more important than noticing what’s still on that pesky to-do list. You acknowledge your wins and celebrations (local vodka and oysters, anyone?) and pat yo’self on the back, and THEN, (and only then!) do you look ahead to what’s NEXT for you and your bad-ass self.

shuli-hallak“Right from the start, we were able to identify big fears that have been holding me back, find ways to release them and Britt was great with giving me tools to move forward. It felt incredibly liberating, like an invisible restraint was removed.

I started hitting my goals instead of backing down, asking for and making more money, and really seeing my purpose come to fruition.

And this process repeats every time I hit a new block / fear, which happens in many different ways as my work has grown.

Britt is the real deal: She has walked this difficult terrain herself and her experience makes her an excellent and compassionate guide. I always feel she is listening, caring and providing incredible insight.

I’m really happy to have her on my support team and highly recommend working with Britt if you want to find what it is that is holding you back and how to grow in real ways, how to truly connect to your self and your work.”

~Shuli Hallack, shulihallack.com