An online course for women who want to stop compromising and start doing business

• like a boss •


you could continue doing what you’ve always done

Following success formulas someone else prescribed. Committing to to-dos when your heart isn’t in it. Struggling. Stressing. Taking on clients you don't LOVE. Writing and rewriting goals that never get done. Adhering to someone else’s definition of success. Praying for your big break. Dabbling in marketing. Spinning your wheels. Making sacrifices.

Ah, sacrifices.

Nobody digs them.

And yet, you continue making them, accepting them, and worse yet - expecting them.

You pass on time with your kids because that email must be sent to your list (and feel guilty for it). Say no to drinks with girlfriends for the third time in a row. Fear you’ll get so wrapped in business that you’ll forget who you are. Work into the night and spill over to the weekend. Constantly feel stuck and lost…

...all in the name of building your business.

So yes, you could continue doing what you’ve always done




the DNA building blocks for your biz so you work smarter and feel better

It’s for women who:

  • Want to feel in control again. Who want to stop being a slave to your business and take back control of your time.
  • Must build a bedrock-solid foundation of both inner and outer skills essential to business success.
  • Refuse to compromise on what’s important in life. Run ragged. Sell out. Or succumb to this misguided notion that there’s no gain without pain (let’s call BS on that, amiright?).
  • Deserve a business you genuinely love. Want to make the money that supports your life, working with clients you adore.
  • Are committed to making it work. 100% invested in your growth. Believe in your vision.
  • Are ready to fight for the freedom and life you originally got into this thing called business for.

Biz Blocks was created for women like you.

After doing the virtual retreat week in August, it became clear that what I really needed in my business was guidance and direction. Britt spoke to me and my concerns in a way that really felt genuine – no-nonsense, down-to-earth, but also deep, spiritual, with stories and laughter. I wanted more.
I love how Britt combines the inner work with the outer work in her programs. I got a lot from the work of deliberately connecting with our fears and resistance, and then doing the external work anyway. 
I love the Q&A sessions, even when I didn’t have a question or was feeling shy about speaking up. Hearing the other women’s questions, and how Britt thoughtfully answered them, helped me to see new aspects of my business that I might not have even considered otherwise.
What I’ve taken from (Britt's programs) is that it’s okay to be my unique self in my business, and that this is what will attract my ideal clients to me. Before, I was concerned that what I was offering was too “out there” and that I had to dial it down in order to be successful. By taking this course, I’ve discovered that in fact I need to be myself even more openly, and that will bring the right folks to my business.

 Until I stepped into this work, I didn’t realize that what I really needed in my business was support. I was trying to learn all of this stuff on my own, and while I’m a good learner, there’s just too much out there. I was flitting around from thing to thing and getting nowhere. I now understand that having that guidance and direction from someone who has done this herself is priceless.

- Nikki Starcat Shields

Stop playing at business

and start living your life.

Finish your work day at 3pm.
Take the afternoon off. Act on impulse. Be present for your kids. Don’t work weekends. Have the freedom of time. And trust yourself.

So that’s who it’s for.

Here’s what you get:

DECIDE & PROGRESS: Get clear on what success means to you, not some six-figure guru and his pointless secret formula. Lock down your vision of how business and life blend given your unique circumstances. And start building the blocks of your business from there

TOOLS & ACTIONS: For those moments where you second guess yourself. Or need to make a decision and want to consult your gut. Get the tried-and-tested practices to use when you’re being called to compromise your time and invest it in a way that’s right for your life

VISION & CLARITY: Build a crystal-clear vision of what you want to create: in your work, finances and personal life. Get concise, measurable, do-able steps to move toward that vision so you can actually see the results of the work you’re doing. And even better: you’ll feel them in your gut

SACRED SCHEDULE: Engineer a schedule that’s based on doing what you love and making time for everything you need. This isn’t about being ‘busy’. It’s about taking control of your time so you feel free (wouldn’t that be somethin’?)

BOUNDARIES & CONVICTION: How to say no to clients and be taken seriously. Set boundaries and stop the guilt. Never feel like you’re letting someone down or second guess yourself again. We give you the tools to be at your best (and most respected) in your professional life and personal life

VISIBILITY: Expertly handle the inner critic that whispers: I’m not good enough. Break the shackles of imposter syndrome. And elevate your business brand like a boss.

SUPPORT: Be immersed in a community that’s got your back. Learn from their experiences and share your own. Be seen, heard and supported. Get feedback on your work and never feel alone in business. Ever. Again.


• Don’t whisper - win •


Just a few months ago I had contracted a business broker to find out what would be required to sell my business-- I was frustrated confused , overwhelmed. I wanted to grow my business but I literally didn't know what my next step would be. How do I form a strong team? How do I not work so much? Why am I always repeating myself? 

The first thing that happened (from this program) is I found the joy for my business and I like going to work again. I also feel like I'm not alone. (Working with Britt) I found myself looking at situations from a different perspective and things have started to move -- the energy has become unstuck. I'm clearer and I see how that gets things moving !!

The biggest thing I've noticed (working with Britt) is that because I'm clearer I communicate better with my team and things are running better. I feel like I'm in the drivers seat now -- not running in place. I have  taken a few business classes over the years and I would get so frustrated because I just couldn't get it! I felt wrong and inept because I couldn't stand the freaking spreadsheets that "good business people" were supposed to have. I have always felt there had to be more to it than that. This work truly resonates with my spirit  and I'm sure lots of other women may feel the same thank you for what you do!!!

- Cynthia Dube


of what’s involved

Set the Scene for Business & Life--Have it ALL

  • Sacred Structure: Scheduling that works FOR you- not the other way around. I show you how to get clear on what’s most important in your life, and set your schedule around it. You receive step-by-step guidance on prioritizing your week to meet the needs of your clients, family, friends and you --no compromise. No regret. Say goodbye to constantly worrying about not doing enough for your business. Your schedule will be set up so you feel accomplished. Period.
  • CLARITY and Focus: Get clear on what’s most important in your business and personal life. What needs to get done? What does balance mean to you? Where does fun come into it? We strategize, plan and execute for abundant business and guilt-free fun.
  • Inner Wisdom: Your Business GPS: Use your inner wisdom to make business decisions that reflect your original purpose. Get tools and techniques on how to say yes (or no) to clients, joint ventures, new products or services that directly correlate to your vision (and aren’t made out of desperation).
  • Blueprint and Funnel: set up step-by-step, strategic action plans to move from your end goal for the year BACKWARDS in an effective, focused way that feels exciting and GOOD to you -- no more shots in the dark or throwing marketing plans together for disappointing results!

 Get Clear on Your Offerings

  • Sabotage & The Importance of Setting Up for Success: DON'T be the thing in your way of success--learn about the inner pieces that can trip you up and how to COMPLETELY stay clear of their claw-like grip so that the OUTER tools actually work to bring clients in- without you getting in the way :-)
  • Heart-Centered Vision & Mission Statements: You were meant for something bigger. Connect the “deep why” of your vision and mission to the “how” of what you’re building in your business. From there, get the formula on how to communicate this to your ideal clients so they’re ready to work with you.
  • Strategically structure your products and services so you’re doing work you love (not loathe) and setting yourself up so clients come knocking on your door (not the other way around). Nail that elevator pitch so your ideal client can HEAR how you can serve them.
  • Know Your Ideal Client and be able to SPEAK directly to them: Communicate your value with conviction to potential clients. Expertly price your services so they’re poised to buy. Have unshakable confidence in presenting your packages, whether online or on a call.
  • Leverage happy clients by getting testimonials that have meaning for others (i.e – they encourage them to work with you). We then use this experience to create a framework that creates the foundation of your business – think repeat customers, ongoing referrals and continuous sales.

The Inner Pieces: Do You Prefer to Swim Upstream, or Down?

  • Move Through Fear To Action: Direct your energy effectively and manage yourself like a pro. I'll teach you how to manage your mind so you’re not driven slowly insane by it--imagine what would be possible in your biz if you felt like you were swimming WITH the current, instead of AGAINST it.
  • Inner Critic Voice: Release negative thought patterns and witness your productivity soar. Stop letting that biting little voice in your head hold you back-- and instead understand where it's coming from, and what it needs from you to shut up and stay in the backseat so you don't have to go back there and give it something to cry about.
  • Create Healthy Boundaries in Biz and Beyond: You’ll get techniques and scripts to set boundaries around your time, money, and how you work. Never again accept working on weekends when you want to be hiking with your family. Or take last-minute calls when you prefer to be relaxing. I show you how to handle clients that expect minute-by-minute updates, ‘super quick calls’ that take over an hour, or ones that are never happy no matter how much quality you deliver. Handle energy vampires with grace -- I give you tools and practices so you stop feeling bad about saying no, and handle every tough conversation with poise and class.

Serve vs. Sell

  • Value of Your Work: Get out of your own way and learn to sell. Ethically. To people you’re excited to work with. This is when selling becomes wholehearted serving - never feel like a door-to-door vacuume salesman again.
  • Articulate your value to your ideal client in a way that they can clearly see the value of working with you. I show you how it isn’t a case of finding someone and convincing them to buy, but opening a conversation where you feel confident about showing your ideal client how YOU can help them get where they want to go.
  • Grow Your Community By Serving Them: Never feel like you have to hunt for business again. You’ll receive actionable steps to build a community that’s happy to invest in you. Want to be a go-to person in your industry? I’ll show you how to get there.
  • Dating Your Money: What’s money got to do with it? Everything. We’ll work in the inner blocks that stop you from asking for the fee your service is worth, and show you exactly how to request it with authority. I'm going to give you steps to make spending time with your finances feel like a hot date you're dropping clothes for. We dissect your relationship with money and what’s been stopping you from earning more of it. Be prepared to actually start to look forward to doing your taxes. Seriously! Never play small again.

Feel-Good Business Growth

  • Fear, Jealousy & Procrastination...Oh My! How do you turn these three trolls into TOOLS? Watch as your fears and self-sabotage take a back seat, and imagine how different it would feel to work with yourself, instead of battling against yourself? I show you how to do this with DIRECT and personal examples from my own biz growth that you'll be able to relate to.
  • Delegate: Can You Afford To NOT Have A Team? I'll help you set up a system to KNOW what support you need, and WHEN. Ask for support and get it (in the right places). I'll show you when’s the best time to get an assistant, and what they can do for you. What parts of your business should you outsource? How can you find someone you trust to hand those parts over to? What should you tell them? We get down 'n dirty with all of that.
  • Support= GROWTH & More Free Time For You: I'll show you how to hire a team to take more and more off your plate so you can ALL make more money... now we’re cookin’ on gas! From writing a job description, to outlining detailed instructions, to finding people you like working with. This section takes care of hiring a team before you’re even ready. Your business needs to be set up for expansion right now – and I show you how before you’re drowning in it!
  • Slow & Steady Wins The Race: BE the turtle, women. I'll show you tools, systems,and techniques for slow and steady growth in your biz that DOESN'T come at the expense of your personal time OR sanity.

Explosive Business Expansion

  • Think big: When you think big picture, the universe conspires to make it happen. This isn’t a woo-woo module, it’s an action-packed module that gives you the keys to grow your business beyond what you see today.
  • We’re talking: stacking the foundations so you have systems in place for all business activities (marketing, invoicing and payments, sales and managing your clients), getting the right support for those tasks that you won’t have time to do, and creating a daily structure so your business supports your life (not the other way around).
  • Celebrate the wins in style. When was the last time you celebrated something great happening in business? A new client, a sweet new deal, your website design or a slammin’ testimonial? Acknowledgment is important. I show you why it’s the key to breeding more business success -- and I'll tell you the secret ingredient in MY celebratory martini.

I just want to say that I was thinking today about our call in September when I was hesitant to sign up for this program.  I was thinking back to only 7 months ago when I couldn't pay my bills. I was panicked every week literally trying to figure out how to make it through the week on some REALLY low budget meals for my kids. I can eat fruit again because I can afford it! (and I deserve it). I just paid all my bills the other night in ONE sitting because I not only have enough money, but have a bunch extra. It's just crazy.
AND the amount of inner work I have done has been transformative, spiritual and just fucking crazy. :) If I type anymore, I'll start to cry and I have some work to do so I'll save that for the retreat. :)
Thank you for this network of fucking rockstars and for all your support and knowledge. So grateful.

-Kim Calichio


Enroll now and also receive:

  • Instant access to all six modules AND a 1:1 Goal-Setting Call to get FOCUSED.

    As soon as you enroll, our Accountability Coach will set up a time for a private call to set your goals for the program and get focused- a real-life human connection to get you ready to GO! You'll also have access to the program content complete with videos, exercises, and worksheets you can work through at your own pace. There’s no holding content back. You have the freedom to choose what you work on, and when. (value: $2,500)

  • Live, monthly, group calls with me.

    During these Q&As, you bring all your questions to the table. Both I and the community will support you, no matter what stage of the program you’re at. We can work on your service packages, pitches, give you scripts on how to handle problem clients … you decide! You’ll also get access to the call recordings to listen to later, or re-play when you need them. (value: $600)

  • Built-in weekly accountability.

    You'll receive access to a weekly focus form to keep you clear and moving forward...and homework worksheets to add a layer of accountability and processing - a valuable tool for seeing how you’re progressing and what you need next. You can post these in our group space for feedback, support, and guidance. (value: $300)

  • Are you someone who learns best

    with personalized, one-on-one attention? ME TOO. So you get to schedule time for live, personalized attention from my personally-trained In Arms Coaching Accountability Coach. She has regular "office hours" for accountability check ins, getting your questions answered, and  support wherever you need it most that month (value: $500)

  • Surround-sound access to even MORE support

    when you join our community: Tribe of Sacred Rebels. This community of bad-ass women business owners gives you comradery, community and support round the clock! Use the forum to ask ANY and ALL questions, get resources and wisdom, and have around-the-clock support when you need it- as well as extra space on additional monthly Q&A calls with me. (value: PRICELESS)


Stop waiting for your business to support your life

• build it •


Created and led by Britt Bolnick

I LOVE pit bulls. And tattoos. I love my kid. I believe in gratitude with attitude and I moved myself, my 7 year old, and our two pit bulls from New York to Portland so we could have the life we had previously only dreamed of.

And when I started my business, I was broke. The father of my toddler had left us for a 23 year old. I was on food-stamps, broken in heart and spirit, and waitressing 6 nights a week to make ends meet.

I may have been broke, but I also had a vision I was committed to. It started with my coaching business, and evolved into a belief:

To do business a different way. Grow my business and nurture myself. To be with my kid as much as I wanted to (pulling her out of school to unschool for two years when she needed it). To not be a slave to my business, but for it to support my life.

I had no Plan B. I was balls-to-the-wall with my focus. And my old vision is now my current reality- I went from food stamps to 6 figures working on MY terms: 4 days a week (most of the time :)) Knocking off work when my kid gets home from school. Taking as much time off as I want. Battling my inner critic to get up each day and work ON my biz- not just IN my biz.

I’m not a fit-in-the-box, follow-the-herd, only-one-formula-to-success kinda woman.

I’m thinking you aren’t either.

So you have a decision to make.

You can do business this way …


Struggle to keep all the balls in the air while not feeling very good at any of them.

Be pulled between the desire to devote yourself to business and enjoy the finite time you’re on this Earth for.

Barely make ends meet and not figuring out a smart way to do business (that doesn’t involve late nights and weekends)

Accept that this is it. One step forward and two steps back. I can’t change. Unfocused. Too much to-do. What’s a weekend, again? Hustle, hustle, hassle. S-s-s-t-t-t-r-r-r-e-e-e-s-s-s-s.

And here’s the other way:

Invest in yourself. Don’t wait for ‘someday’ when your luck will change, or when you have ‘more time’, or are ‘in the right head space’ to do business smarter.

Consider your life 12 months from now. What do you want it to look like? Will you have worked on your negative thought patterns and started saying no to bad business? Will your business have the foundations it needs to support your life? Will you have stopped compromising?

And the biggest question is this ….

If not now, when?

Join Biz Blocks. And let's start doing business.


Don’t make trade-offs

• thrive •



We’ve got your answers.


I've taken LOTS of online offerings before, and often don't complete them, or feel like I don't get enough out of them to actually effect my biz. What makes this one different?


BOY, do I HEAR you! I, too, used to buy courses and programs that sounded AMAZING to me (there's some GREAT sales copy out there!) and then as it was dripped to me, or I went through the modules, I totally lost motivation and focus-- often not even finishing the course (but of course, still PAYING for it long after I stopped using it). YUCK. THIS is why every course I offer comes with support- my support online and in group calls, and the option for even MORE support in the form of small group accountability calls that you can choose to have if you know that's how YOU learn BEST. 

These levels of built-in support are created to give you as much PERSONALIZED attention and accountability as you know you need.  I know that feeling seen, heard, and supported can literally be the difference between doing the work and feeling good about it-- or having it be one more figurative item collecting dust on the shelf, causing you to remember letting yourself down EVERY time you see it or think about it. 

In my programs you can have as MUCH or as little support as you need- but when you want us, we're here! I know firsthand that building success takes SUPPORT first and foremost--ask any successful woman you know. And what gets ME out of bed in the morning is the joy of supporting women. (Plus having to feed my kid before she's off for the day. Oh, and letting the dog out. That's a motivation, too. But getting to support you REALLY helps :-))


How long do I have to complete this? How long will I receive support for?


I know that you're SUPER busy, woman. So we've set up a structure that allows you support for AS LONG AS YOU LIKE to complete these 6 modules. We're jumping you off with some hand-held support to get you focused and clear about what you need out of this program-- you'll begin your program with a private, 1:1 goal-setting call with the team accountaibility coach. Then, you have ongoing access to support in a variety of ways--our monthly Q&A calls, "office houses" with our accountability coach, additiona support through Tribe of Sacred Rebels-- we believe in surround-sound support ova' here. 

AND...if you're the kind of woman who believes in padding yourself as WELL as you possibly can with the support you know you need to succeed (I'm with YOU, woman!) you can even ask my assistant about scheduling private calls with me, personally- we discount them for you from the regular rate for as a Biz Blocks member in the program. We're interested in your success- so tell us what you need.


What if I want MORE support- like an accountability partner?


I strongly encourage accountability partners. You can ask one of the other women in the group if she wants to hook up with you for the five months, and I've even prepared a special "buddy call" outline for the two of you, to give your accountability calls some structure. Just let me know when you want it! One of the best "side effects" of working with me is the amazing, supportive community you'll be joining. My clients show up for each other in a way that many women have told me they don't SEE in other groups. Get ready to feel as supported and seen as you'd like to be :-)


What if I have questions? Can I get on the phone with anyone before I enroll?


TOTALLY. We're here to help you. If you have questions or concerns that you need addressed before you're comfortable enrolling, email me at, and we'll get you sorted, STAT. :-) Supporting you is our highest priority.



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