Guest Blog: Inspirational My A**

by Patty Manning Lennon

I have a really inspirational story about my life.  I tell it often in presentations to groups of women.

The summary of that story goes something like this:

From the outside I looked like I “had it all” but inside I was dying.  The day I admitted the truth about my life – the truth that the “all” I had wasn’t necessarily the one I wanted – my life changed in an incredible way.

I abandoned my post as a Vice President is a huge bank and started my own business.

I lost 25 pounds.

I took up kickboxing, rock climbing and I resuscitated my social life.

I fell more in love with my husband and children.

And on and on the list goes of the glories that came from finally being honest about who I was and what I wanted.   The story is 100% true.  I’m thrilled to share it.  I’m overwhelmingly grateful to have taken this journey.

But I have been noticing something lately.

I’m not sure we need inspiration as much as we need honesty.

The story I tell leaves out most of the dark moments.  Someone recently commented to me how great it must have been to stop worrying what other people thought of me and embrace life without that constraint.


Where’d she hear that?

That is definitely not the way it went down.  I spent many sleepless nights worrying about what others would think of me.    I cried huge pitiful tears of self-loathing and existed in angst most of the time.  I wondered over and over again what was wrong with me.

Although inspirational stories are peppered with pithy references to the darkness before the dawn they rarely describe in detail the snot-filled moments that come with life transformation.

So what’s my point?

Well I guess I just want you to know that if you are going through your own particularly snot-filled, ice cream binging, self-loathing period of time you are not alone.  You are on the journey that will lead you to your own inspirational story.

And by the way while I was going through that “dark” period I never thought it would end.  I was in incredible pain most of the time and I wasn’t sure I was headed in the right direction.

So if you are feeling any of this I want you to know it will end.  The pain will transform to joy and you are headed in the right direction.    And all of this will one day be a pithy reference to your period of darkness in your own inspirational story we’re just waiting to hear!

Patty Lennon is a life and business coach, mom advocate and CEO and Founder of Mom Gets A Life at: Her mission is to help every mom fall as deeply in love with her life as she is with her kids.  She also writes a blog for female entrepreneurs at

15 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Inspirational My A**

  1. WoW, This is really a great topic & I honestly appreciate with you. I wish, you will describe about it more in your next posting and I am really waiting for that!! Thanks = 29 times! :)

  2. Thank you both for your feedback. I loved writing this blog! It is just so much fun to share these stories and insights. I’m also glad you found meaning in this blog.

    I’d love to come back and do another post Britt!

  3. Love that honesty Patty! Thanks for telling it like it is. I’ve had so many of those lying in a dry bathtub fully clothed crying like I’ve been stabbed in the heart moments in the course of my own life makeover that I cannot even begin to count them. But it was worth it. A million times over. I have a feeling that this message is exactly what many women need to hear. We all need to understand that we are never alone. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Hi Theresa,
      Britt here…just wanted to say thanks for writing in with your own honesty. I think it’s SO important for us to start sharing this side of the path with each other…

      much love,

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