Hello, Magical One. 

To deeply utilize the information from the Energy Almanac and improve your planning by understanding the energy of each specific date…

You also need to understand how to set up and use your time as a container for what you LOVE.

The two workings go hand-in-hand. 

When you desire to learn how to use your time to do such things as:

△ Building work you LOVE,

△ Creating financial freedom, 

△ Living by your own rules…

How you spend your TIME dictates how (and IF) you create FREEDOM.

Sacred Structure and my Magickal Time Bending tools are freedom-creators.

I want to show you how to use your time as a container for what you love- let’s call it time management for the witchy folks. For the rebels.

The schedule and calendar-haters who need stronger boundaries.

The creative folks who buck STRUCTURE but weirdly NEED it, also.

“This isn’t REALLY a book… it’s a manifesto, a call to arms, a spiritual take on what we traditionally known as “time blocking” that every witchy woman NEEDS in order to be in complete control of her greatest asset… her time (and energy).” –Jen Spivak, founder of The Ad Girls

My gift to you, Energy Almanac reader...

Take a guided journey to your future so you can see, feel, smell and immerse yourself in the vision that you are creating. Click the links below for access!

Future You Guided Meditation

Bonus Worksheet:

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