And in other news…I got MARRIED!

Britt Got Married

Britt Got Married


I got married last weekend. Those of you who know my personal story know that the life I’ve created is REALLY a dream come true, and the hunky man I just got hitched to is only a PIECE of that dream. (Doesn’t mean he isn’t a MAJOR pain in the ass sometimes, but you know what? So am I.)

Here’s my favorite picture so far 🙂

But here’s the coolest thing: I took off HALF of August. I had to re-schedule a BIG promotional event– for the DAY AFTER THE WEDDING WEEKEND (and the week BEFORE we went away for a quickie honeymoon –big one to follow this winter!). I needed time off before the wedding because I was DETERMINED to get married being present, and not stressed. AND…I’m in the middle of promotional and enrollment for my TWO. BIG. PROGRAMS.

But guess what? No balls dropped. Seriously. I got to keep them ALL up in the air, feel sane, and do things EXACTLY the way I wanted for BOTH the big promo event AND the wedding weekend.

And I made a little video to tell you about it.


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