Live Workshop: Aug 18th, 12pm-1:30pm EST


What’s the quickest way to generate increased income in your business?

It's not...

Working HARDER.
Hustling and throwing out more “discounts.”

It’s not even buying more low-end, quick-fix, DIY “solutions.”

The answer is a combination of learning to aim your focus, bend your time so it becomes a container for what you LOVE, and using a system of magical and practical tools that I'm going to introduce to you in this workshop.

You'll Learn:

  • Where magical women get stuck with building wealth and feeling sovereign over your time.
  • About mastering your focus so that your goals have a clear path leading to them.
  • The very REAL reasons that your time hasn't worked for you so far...and how it's also blocking wealth.
  • Sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight...but I'll show you things that CAN change overnight.
  • And powerful, life-changing next steps to building wealth using time as a container for what you LOVE.

Join Britt Bolnick, of In Arms Coaching and Pittie Posse Rescue, for this workshop on time as a container for cultivating your exponential wealth.

Live Workshop: Aug. 18th, 12pm-1:30pm EST

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