The Art, Science, and Magic of Achieving Success.

Don’t Make Another Move In Your Business Until You Read This.

What’s Really Holding You Back (it’s not what you think).

What if You’re Building the Wrong Kind of Business?

I want to be clear about something right off the bat.

I’m not your average business coach.

And I don’t mean that in some “I’ll get you better results!” kind of way (which I totally will, but that’s not exactly what I’m saying here).

I mean that I’m not going to offer you the same “do-this-to-get-that” approach.

Because while there are practical tools to get ahead, the real alchemy that takes you from endless trying to endless triumph, also takes place on a much deeper level.

So I’m not going to tell you how you just need to “hustle” more, either.

And chances are, if you’ve found your way here, you’re probably not your ‘average’ business owner.

In fact, in a room full of entrepreneurs you probably find yourself wondering if you’re even in the right place.

Because you don’t really approach life the same way everyone else does, so why would your business be any different?

And as we speak, you may accidentally be in the process of building your own jail cell.

Sounds dramatic, but it’s not really.

Most business women are taught to follow the same tired road map to the same unfulfilling end.

What’s the best-case scenario, if you even manage to make it work that way?

Full calendar, full bank account, empty heart, no downtime, personal life out the window, life completely devoid of your magic and spark.

And no amount of money can buy back your time, sense of self or the fulfillment you were after when you first set out to start your own business.

(Don’t worry if you’re on that course now, I can help you break that spell and return to your rightful enchanted path).

And before you stop reading, I’m not going to tell you the story of how I work a 3-hour week from a laptop on a beach in Thailand and make a million bucks a year.

I spend plenty of time walking on the beach, and I do work on a laptop, but that’s where the similarities end.

What I AM going to tell you is how I went from working 6-7 nights a week, raising a toddler solo, and relying on food stamps…

…to working 3-4 days a week, making 6-figures, and feeling more fulfilled, confident, happy, and free than my younger self ever could have dared to imagine.

And I have spent the last 13 years helping struggling, frustrated, and undervalued women business owners use the alchemy of intention and energy shifting, combined with the profoundly essential inner AND outer work to create the same thing for themselves.

In between those two points, I also tried to build my business the old-school sacrificial way…

… Going it alone, chasing the ‘holy dollar’, scattered, miserable, and feeling like I was going 100 mph in 10 different directions.

In short, it was the EXACT opposite of success.

And I soon realized what was at stake.

My entire life and happiness depended on what I chose to do about it.

I wasn’t willing to give up my relationship with my daughter, my friendships, or my sanity in the name of “success”.

I knew that I was born to be the Queen of my business, not it’s indentured servant.

And that’s exactly the throne I eventually landed on.

I took the scenic route to discover that there’s way more than just strategy involved in building the life (notice I didn’t say business) of your dreams.

Approaching your business with a totally different energy is the first critical step that


(That’s the magic part of the art, science, and magic I mentioned earlier)

I will show you how to use magic in your business in a way that allows you to get back to feeling excited, hopeful, and inspired, instead of frustrated, worried and hopelessly struggling.

Because if you’re like the women I work with, you don’t just want success as it’s been defined in the traditional business world.

You want a successful, sovereign, truly balanced life.

One that allows you to be fully present in ALL aspects of your world.

When you’re working, you want to feel fully immersed in being the self-assured, bad-ass business woman you know you are, giving everything you do your full and undivided attention.

Then when you’re done at work, (yes, believe it or not your workday can actually end physically AND mentally) you can fully relax into the downtime you set aside to spend on you.

And you’ll still have plenty of time and energy to be present in all your relationships.

You might be thinking that sounds like a lot more time than you feel like you currently have.

That’s one of the things you’ll learn in my program: how to bend time.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Like I said…not your average business coach.

But if you’re still reading this, it’s because you’re not after average results, so we’re good.

This alternate reality is not only possible, it’s the only way to be truly in service to your clients, your calling,

and yourself.

Bending time means that you make time fit your passions and not the other way around.

It’s one of the key differences between the kind of entrepreneurial alchemy I teach and your average business strategy coach.

Stick with me and you’ll soon be working all kinds of actual magic in your life and business.

This is the evolution of being a truly successful business owner.

Because the current model is steeped in martyrdom.

We all go into business to offer our gifts, to create freedom and fulfilment, to be of service, and to be compensated accordingly.

No one signs up for a life of never-ending days and nights, drained energy, frustration, fear, uncertainty and practically giving it all away.

I’ve dedicated my career to creating a passionate sisterhood of heart-centered witchy warrior women who are redefining what it means to run 6-figure businesses.

The elements of alchemy and magic I’ve discovered and applied with great success are not being taught anywhere else in the business world.

I’m talking about approaching your business with a totally different magnetism, one that harnesses your innate energy and draws clients to you. No more chasing.

I don’t offer superficial cookie-cutter strategies, cute time-management tools, or douchey marketing techniques.

I also don’t try to show you how to be ME.

Because you may not want to get that many tattoos or enjoy the company of 4 pit bulls in your home.

Fair enough.

(Though I do think you might be missing out).

I’d rather show you how to become deeply and completely rooted and crystal clear in the art, science, and magic of being YOU.

This unconventional process will guide you through the tangled web of all

that’s holding you back.

We’ll dig into the places where your divided will is blocking your movement.

(You want success and you’re also secretly terrified of it on some level.)

We’ll look at why visibility is critical to the success of your business and how you can naturally step into a place within yourself that doesn’t have you second-guessing your every move. 

(*hint: it has to do with more deeply and fully accepting and embracing who you are.)

Practically it will allow you to dive deeply into fully aligning yourself and your business with your ideal clients, without sketchy marketing that just doesn’t fit or feel right.

Because I have this bizarre (and proven) notion that by shifting into the right mind frame…

Creating sacred work spaces…

Designing your days with direction and dedication…

Offering your fullest gifts and magic to the world…

And surrounding yourself with the most amazing coaches and community you can find…

Your OWN definition of success will most certainly be yours!

The internal and external shifts I teach are what’s necessary to create the kind of success you’re after…

Pro tip: You’re definitely capable of infinitely more than you have likely allowed yourself to imagine.

If I had followed the traditional “CEO/Boss Lady” routine that so many women are being sold, I’d be burnt-out, probably single, and blaming myself for not “hustling” enough.

I call B.S.

The “give me 10k and I’ll show you how” guys online couldn’t have been less of what I was looking for.

I intuitively knew that model was a trap.

You’re likely here because your intuition tells you the same.

So you can finally relax.

You were never wrong about what success looks like.

You CAN have a life of success, service, balance, and beauty.

You just can’t have it using the current do-it-yourself model.

No one makes it out here alone.

And when it comes to getting to the top of your game, there’s nothing more valuable than a tightly-knit community of support, accountability, encouragement, and deep wisdom.
(Oh, and the magic doesn’t hurt either.)

Because the real work that needs to be done is a combination of internal AND external.

Creating balanced success is primarily an inside job.

Read that again.

Because that is THE missing link and the one most women think they can either ignore or handle alone.

But like it or not, the number one thing in your way is probably you.

And I don’t say that in a blamey way.

I say it in a loving and honest way, from one bad-ass business woman to another.

There’s no doubt that running a business requires wisdom and knowledge in all kinds of areas.

You need to know how to hold your dream so close that it inspires and drives

your every move.

I have everything you need to clarify, conjure, and bring to life your ultimate vision.

I don’t offer shortcuts.

I offer tested and proven directions to the fastest way to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Because there really isn’t any road to success that doesn’t require your dedication, commitment and follow-through.

Anyone who tells you there are is either delusional or lying.

My heart and soul are in everything I do—that’s not negotiable.

I didn’t get this far relying on parlor tricks or empty promises.

I got this far relying on the hard-won lessons from my early mistakes, the undying support of the most amazing, wise, dedicated women on earth, and knowing how and when to use my magic.

The women I work with are all coming from the same place.

That’s why we have the greatest sisterhood of business women I’ve ever come across.

And since you’re still here with me, no doubt you’re one of us…

YOUR 12-month pathways program providing accountability, tools, and support.

So let’s take a look at what you’ll get when you decide you’re ready to take your foot off the brake, join your sisters, and get busy living your highest vision.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

The 6 Magical Pillars of a Thriving Business

#1 Have Actual Control Over Your Time

How to finally make time fit your passions, not fit your passions into time.

#2 Create Perfectly Aligned Offers that
Earn Income

How to create magical offerings and magical messaging in your business.

#3 Build a Thriving, Dedicated, Online Community

Experience the truth of why we’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.

#4 Learn How to Manage Your Energy
(And Have More!)

Check yourself, find your stories, hear your inner critic and get out of your own way.

#5 Remove Roadblocks for Faster Growth

Identify where your will is divided and grow through the ultra-important (non-negotiable) Shadow Work.

#6 Market Your Business So You Really Stand Out

Learn to stand apart, sharpen your voice, be heard above the noise, know the right words to use, own the way you magically move through the world of business.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Inside the 12-Month
Biz Elementals Program

One private planning call with me for immediate clarity and support when you join.

One private call with our systems and organizational coach to clear up systems and free up your precious time.

Live, virtual support directly from me through my virtual “office hours”.

Monthly Virtual Accountability Group with Amanda, my brilliant systems and organization team coach.

A guaranteed seat at our Monthly Mastermind Call with uplifting support from our entire group of women.

Entry to a private 12-month Facebook Group with support, supervision and personal interaction with me and my team of highly-skilled coaches to answer your questions, provide support and feedback.

Monthly Systems Workshop to set up templates, systems, and automation to make your business run without so much work from you.

Monthly super-effective Copy Writing Workshop with our creative conversion copy team coach.

Monthly interactive Q&A-style workshop on branding and virtual visibility from our brilliant team coach, Calandra.

Full access to IAC Library of Content including valuable bonus content from additional programs and workshops to guide you in every area of your business.


Option to book discounted Private Sessions with team coaches for whatever you need most: hook, messaging or sales copywriting support, branding or virtual visibility support, or biz systems and organization support.

Free guaranteed seat at our Virtual Expert Guest Workshops for the duration of your program.

Free reserved seat for the in-person, March, May, and Autumn annual retreats during your program, with a bonus discount ticket for a friend or colleague.

I am fully committed to delivering to you:

Britt Bolnick

This program is the culmination of every powerful tip, trick, tool, and technique that I have found, honed, developed, and refined to bring myself and my fellow bad-ass sisters to our highest peaks of success running 6-figure businesses and living like the Queens of our lives!

It’s an investment.

But you know you’re ready.

It’s time to commit to busting through the gates of anything that’s holding you and your future back. Open your heart, your eyes, and say a resounding YES! to all that you’re meant to be in this life.

Your investment: $397 enrollment + 12 payments of $597

Apply today if you can’t wait to live your dreams to the absolute fullest.

I want to make sure Biz Elementals is the right fit for you. Click the button to apply for your complimentary catalyst call.

“I have earned more income than I ever have before.”

Britt has absolutely changed my life by making it clear that I CAN build a business. I have earned more income than I ever have before. Yes, she tells you what you can find ANYWHERE about marketing, structure, etc., but her brilliance is where she gets YOU out of YOUR way with thoughtful hand holding and accountability!
Michelle Thompson
Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting

“10 days into a 9 month program and I’ve already seen great benefits.”

I started working with Britt last week, and I’ve got to say she is someone who really walks her talk. She embodies absolutely everything she teaches. Not only is a wealth of knowledge, she truly cares about every woman she works with. If that weren’t enough she has a whole team of subject matter experts to help with specific aspects of building a business—marketing copyright, systems expert, branding expert. 10 days into a 9 month program and I’ve already seen great benefits. Britt you (and your team) are amazing and I am really looking forward to our work together.
Emily McNamera
Focal Point Bookkeeping

“I am becoming the person and owning the business I always dreamed of having.”

"Britt came to me at a time that, after 6 years of owning my photography business, I knew that I needed to do some inner work before I, or my business, would grow any more.

I had worked and reworked my website, pricing, and content, and rearranged my studio furniture a dozen times thinking that if I just kept changing it it would help me get over the fear of putting myself out there. Once I actually realized that no website template was going to help with that fear, I started thinking that I needed to look outside the box and not just grab a DIY workshop.

I first met Britt at a workshop she was hosting and immediately heard her speaking my language. I knew she would be someone who could help me dig deep in a safe place to move through some of the blocks I knew I had and others that were invisible. The absolute best part about working with Britt and her team is their ability to help you see where you are stuck.

For me, if I was struggling with writing a blog post, she would ask me questions until we uncovered it wasn’t the post at all, it was coming from a block or fear I hadn’t recognized. I’ve been working with Britt for six months and I have changed and grown so much as a person and business owner.

I am becoming the person and owning the business I always dreamed of having. I have a lot more work to do but instead of feeling scared and overwhelmed about hitting resistance again, I know that when I do I’ll reach out to my team for their love, support and guidance. I would absolutely recommend working with Britt to anyone!"
Kayte Churchill
Ledgehill Photography

“For anyone still thinking about working with Britt, I say just jump in when the time is right. You won't regret it.”

I wanted to give Britt a big shout out, in the form of a list of what I accomplished while working with her over several months in her program:

I raised my rates.
I started teaching classes again & developing new workshops.
I re-evaluated my boundaries with clients.
I started doing auto responders when I wanted time off in my biz.
I dedicated myself to two non-negotiable yoga classes per week (self-care).
I started filming videos for facebook for the first time ever.
I stepped up my posting and boosts on my biz page.
I created a stronger CTA on all of my newsletters.
I turned away some venues that were less than ideal.
I explored new ways of writing copy.
I meet fabulous women in the Maine retreat.
I made a wonderful new accountability buddy.
I returned to EFT tapping after a long hiatus because of a physical injury, because Britt gave me the confidence to do it in a different way that was less draining on me physically.
I got lots of support with all my "FEELS" around my biz.
I made the connections between early childhood issues and how they affected me in my biz.

and there is probably a lot more that I just don't remember, because it became the new norm. So for anyone still thinking about working with Britt, I say just jump in when the time is right. You won't regret it.
Angela Pizzarello
Intuition Guide

You’re worth it.

Your life and business are worth it.

It’s time to move forward and get what you came for in this life.

It’s a small price to pay for the chance to create everything you’ve ever wanted.

Hesitation is natural, but don’t let it define you.

Your investment: $397 enrollment + 12 payments of $597

Join your sisters today.

I want to make sure Biz Elementals is the right fit for you. Click the button to apply for your complimentary catalyst call.

Britt Bolnick is a successful biz owner and magic maker living a life she loves in Maine. She has traveled a path from financial scarcity to financial independence, building a 6-figure business she loves as a single mama working less than full-time. 

Britt mentors women who are 100% committed to the inner AND outer work of building thriving businesses that create visibility and wealth without compromising personal life OR sanity—teaching women to use authentic connections to build success, versus ad spend and common marketing hype. 

FUN FACT:  She’s used her tried and true magic time-management tools to establish a high-profile pit bull rescue while also running her business, having three days off a week, and being an avid book-reader and beach-walker. If you work with her, you WILL see pictures of adorable dogs that need homes…you were warned.

Stop holding yourself back.

It’s time to commit to busting through the gates of anything that’s holding you and your future back. Open your heart, your eyes, and say a resounding YES! to all that you’re meant to be in this life.

Your investment: $397 enrollment + 12 payments of $597

Apply today if you can’t wait to live your dreams to the absolute fullest.

I want to make sure Biz Elementals is the right fit for you. Click the button to apply for your complimentary catalyst call.

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