How I Made Time To Start A Non-Profit (with all the other Sh%! I Do :-))

Today I wanted to give you a real life example of how I make my time work for me — I posted this in Tribe ...
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Here’s how NOT to market your work

Be an old college friend of mine, with whom I had an awkward, complicated, and upsetting falling out with over a boy (and a girl- ...
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Feeling confused, sold to and manipulated? Watch for these red flags…

A past client reached out to me for advice. She badly wanted a specific piece of training, saw a FB ad for a coach who ...
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How Your Biz Is Like Hooking Up With A Hottie

You get SUPER excited. You want to see them all the time. You draw your names together in little hearts. You work their name into ...
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do you have what it takes

Be Honest: Do You Have What It Takes?

You might not be able to tell, but I’m in the middle of a two+ week vacation. And when I’m on vacation I step back ...
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how to set up for autumn

How To Set Up for Autumn

How To Set Up for Autumn I’m writing this to you in my last few days of work before about 2.5 weeks unplugged and off ...
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