Do You Use Focus-Pocus In Your Biz?

I’m a witch.

I use magic and intuition as a major tool in my biz.

I teach other women to do the same.

I might loose some of my readers by being SO out of the broom closet, but so be it. Those of you who need to REMEMBER your power and magic will lean in closer.

Because…here’s the deal: it can feel SUPER hard to get focused in your biz sometimes. (You’re not alone…AT ALL.)

For one thing, you’re leading a REALLY busy life OUTSIDE your biz, and there are certain things that just HAVE to come first: like sleep. Eating. Feeding your family. Keeping kids and pets alive and healthy. Keeping relationships alive and healthy. Creating some semblance of sanity in your abode (my semblance of sanity varies, depending on how recently our house-fairy, Samantha, has been there to clean).

THEN, whether or not all THOSE balls are up in the air, your biz needs things from you EVERY DAY, amiright?

Handling finances. Growing your community. Creating content and offerings. Dreaming up promotional events, figuring out effective strategies, loving up your clients, courting new ones-and that’s a SUPER short list.

Sometimes you don’t EVEN KNOW what it is that you’re supposed to be doing. Or the “right” path to walk to get the results you want. (Those are the days you sit at your laptop and hit “refresh” on the book of face, over and over agin, then go fold laundry in frustration.)

And here’s the kicker: amidst all the noise out there, the thousands of strategies that gurus are trying to get you to buy, the funnels you “need”, the nurture sequences you “should” be perfecting…at the end, the best way to find what will show your biz is to tune inwards (the answer, or MOST of it, is actually WITHIN!)

You won’t find many gurus out there talking about this, because it’s not a strategy one can make a lot of money for sharing. It’s sort of like how the pharmaceutical companies want you dependent on medicine that THEY can patent- not the herbs, healthy living, and DIY health you can create yourself.

I did a FB live the other day where I showed a “behind the scenes” look at a kind of unusual tool I use for focusing in my biz (catch it on the In Arms Coaching FB page! ).

And the trick behind this unusual tool is that EVERYTHING that happens in your biz- not just the results, but how you FEEL in your biz- starts with how grounded and focused you are on a daily basis. And I use magical tools for that sort of thing.

The word “magic” can refer to simply the ability to CHANGE ENERGY. And when you decide how you want to feel, instead of just feeling VICTIMIZED and out of control of your feelings (and thoughts, which, BTW, dictate how you EXPERIENCE things that happen to and for you), you’re performing magic.

If you’re NOT doing the work to get grounded and stay focused, even the wins and celebrations can feel empty (raise your hand if you’ve felt this before). Or cost you sanity. Or rob your free time. It’s entirely possible to get the results you want in your biz (more clients. More impact. More money)…without FEELING the way you want to FEEL (like a boss. At peace. With free time. Focused and clear. Relaxed.).

So grounding and focusing has become a tool in my arsenal, and it’s something I teach all my clients, as well.

Here are some of my favorite tools to ground and focus.

1. Actually have a focal point

A focal point can be mental (like a goal, or a practice) or literal (like an alter, candle you light each morning, or visual aid such as a vision map). The important thing is that it’s clear and makes you happy to use, and that you make space and time to actually do it or use it.

What I use: I use both kinds of focal point: a goal that I’m working backwards from with a visual representation of it, AND I’ve built a business alter in my bedroom that I give love and attention and energy to on an almost-daily basis.

2. Have an energy management practice

Entrepreneurship is not called a roller coaster for nothing. Owing your own biz will give you some of the highest highs and the lowest lows you’ll ever experience, and you need to have a set of tools for when the lows come (and to not sabotage when you hit those highs- because they can be equally uncomfortable- isn’t that weird?). If you DON’T have an energy management practice as a go-to, the stress and discomfort of the lows can be crippling.

What I use: Girl, I KNOW about those lows. I’ve put together a toolkit of energy management weapons that keep me from crawling under my bed when there’s an epic fail, bad week, or when self-doubt begins to nibble at my toes. In my toolbox are practices such as EFT, affirmations, prayer, visualization, and spell work (want to more about any of those? Hit “REPLY” and just ask me- happy to share some of my actual practices with you!)

3. Always make sure you’re working backwards from a tangible goal

Whether it’s a 6 month goal, a 9 month goal, or a 12 month goal, make sure you know what the result is that you’re working towards. When a woman comes into one of my programs, the very first thing we do together is to sit down with her tangible 9 month goal and map out a clear and exciting blueprint to it. If you’re not clear on where you want to wind up, the PATH to it is impossible to map out, and every day you wind up just putting out fires and working without a clear plan. FRUSTRATING.

What I use: I have clear 9 month goals that I work towards, and blueprint out the path (just like I teach my clients) so that every day I have to work ON my biz, I KNOW what needs to be given attention to. It makes my time MUCH more efficient, as when I sit down to work I know what I’m supposed to be working on and how it fits into what I want for my biz.

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Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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