How to Bend Time to HAVE MORE…but DO LESS

… for spiritual coaches and teachers, change makers, magicians, and transformational leaders.

Who I work with and whom this is for:

I work with spiritual coaches and teachers, transformational leaders, change makers, and heart-led women business owners and entrepreneurs who want to increase your income and impact in 30 hours of work a week or LESS.

I’m giving you one of the FIRST exercises in my best selling book, “The Magick of Bending Time in Your Sacred Business,” and it’s a foundational tool I teach my clients in making their time a container for everything they love…

Instead of trying to fit what they love into their time.

If you’re looking for a way to feel in control of your time so that you can focus on the actions, strategies, and avenues that build your wealth without hustle…

So that you have ALLLL the free time for catching fireflies, long evenings in front of the campfire (or Netflix…I see you), golden afternoons on the beach or in the park…

WHILE your business runs itself and generates income for you to delegate more and more of the minutiae every YEAR…

…Without working harder.

…Without working longer hours.

…Without spending years becoming an “expert” in ALLL the things that are needed to grow your biz to the high sixes (or whatever your financial goal is!)…

Then you’ll want to learn my Bending Time and Sacred Structure System.

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Sacred Structure is the first step in learning how to Bend Time so there’s space for what you love AND for what needs to be done… without hustle.

Use this first exercise as a jump off point for revolutionizing the way you think about (and USE) your time, so that you can do less and have the capacity for more, while putting sanity and breathing room FIRST.

There’s an underlying fear that many women have that a successful business will cost you: your creativity. 

Freedom of time—the ability to do what you want, when you want. 

It might cost you flexibility—something that is CRUCIAL if you’re running a biz, have kids, have a personal life, are taking care of others… 

And because of this fear, many women sabotage success, block growth, shrink from expansion because of what you’re afraid it will COST you.

I show women that the OPPOSITE can be true. 

My Sacred Structure and Bending Time tools are at the foundation of what I teach women because they give you tools to get clear about what really matters to you that become your guiding light—a way to structure and BOUNDARY your time so there’s all the room in the world for what you love. 

And. Success. Doesn’t. COST. You. Freedom/ Sleep/ Time with the kids / Sanity.

And the very first step in creating your Sacred Structure is the Heart Centered Priorities and Bull’s Eye Exercise.

Additionally, we’d like to give you a hidden bonus from the book: The Future You guided meditation to see clearly what you want in the future, so you can set your time up to hold ALL the juicy things you love, and none of the BS that drains your energy.


After you do the Bull’s Eye Exercise… you’ll have a structure for aligning your time and energy with what’s most important to you, in incremental shifts of your time and focus over the next few months.


HOWEVER, maintaining this focus depends on INNER work that can feel difficult when you first start this process.


Distraction, boundary-pushing, people-pleasing, unclear priorities, accepting invitations without holding them up to what’s important…these are a few of the ways that your Sacred Structure above will get blown off course.


In “The Magick of Bending Time in Your Scared Business,” I walk you through the process of creating strong boundaries and clear focus so that it gets easier and easier to hold your Sacred Structure and bend time to fit everything you love.

Included in The "Future You" Guided Meditation Toolkit

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Bonus meditation that I recorded for my clients:

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HOWEVER, I also want you to walk away today with a strong foundation to START your Sacred Structure.

So I’m leaving you one of my favorite hacks for avoiding adding commitments based on people pleasing tendencies or tendency to over-commit.


When someone asks you to do something, join something, commit to something…

NEVER answer in the moment.

Say something like this: “That sounds AMAZING. Let me check my schedule and get back to you.”

Then: go home and hold it up to that list you made of how you IDEALLY want to be spending your time and energy and see if it fits.

IF it contributes to one of your heart-centered priorities, then ask yourself:

• Do I HAVE the time for this? Where in my schedule would it go?

• What would it cost me to add this to my plate? 

• What would the benefit be to my goals right now? 

• Is this worth the extra time and energy it would cost me right now?

If it DOESN’T fit, here’s what you can say: 

“Thank you so much- I don’t have the bandwidth right now but… have you asked _____/ please come back to me another time/ thank you so much for thinking of me.”

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