It’s one of the only TWO formulas you’ll EVER hear from me.

It’s One Of The Only TWO Formulas You’ll EVER Hear From Me.

You have a biz you love. It’s a mission. There’s a vision behind it- whether that’s helping people with a problem you once had, or affecting change in the world, or getting your family financially stable and secure.

But any way you cut it, your biz success is CRUCIAL to you. It’s why you get up in the morning, why you return to your biz day after day after day. It’s why you learn to manage your energy even when launches flop, posts don’t get “liked” enough, and emails get crickets.

And you want the BEST way to build your biz to success, DUH. No one’s arguing with me at this point, right?

And just like Dorothy and her buddies on the way to Oz, the most effective way to get to your version of success is to have a solid, preferably-highlighted-but-definitly-brightly-lit path from where you are right now to YOUR Oz.

In the big “Grow Like A Mofo” virtual planning retreat that happened this month, I gave out the formula that takes you to that path, and it’s SO effective for my clients that I’m going to share it with you here- ready? It’s a writer-downer, fo’sure.

Planning + consistent action & execution = GOAL REACHED.

Go ahead- take a minute and pin that bad boy up over your computer.

Planning + consistent action & execution = GOAL REACHED.

And we spent FIVE hours working the first part of that formula out together in a seriously productive workshop that gave my clients a BLUEPRINT of the most effective steps to take in their biz over the next 9 months.

But here’s the thing: once you have the goal, you have to know the most EFFECTIVE actions to take to reach it, right?

And here’s where (if you’re anything like most of my clients,) it gets a little confusing: there’s a LOT OF INFO out there about how to succeed! And most of it is written by conversion copywriters with big budgets to speak RIGHT to anyone who desperately wants to FEEL successful without it costing them dearly.

The ads are bright, and eye-catching. The emails are witty and clever and hit you right where you hurt. They’re really super well written- I always check them out to see what’s out there.

But here’s where you get stuck.

The majority of this content is selling you mass-marketed programs that are on auto-play- which means: you’re not working with someone directly who has (necessarily) struggled with what you’re struggling with. They don’t know your biz. They don’t know YOU. You don’t know THEM.

And here you are, trying to build your biz to success with spoon-fed content created for the masses (by the way, the intention of a lot of the coaches out there today IS to mass-feed. Very few of them actually WANT to be working directly with people in more of a mentorship role. Important to know, if that’s the support you thrive with).

So it’s not your fault when you get stuck– it’s SO hard to know the most effective plan of action to reach a goal when there are SO many options out there, 99% of them are bright and shiny (with brilliant copy and marketing), and NONE of it is coming from someone who KNOWS you or your biz.

I want to give you a few tools to get started (because even if I don’t know your biz yet, I DO know some REALLY effective ways to get started with this work. Beyond this, it’s better if we connect so I can hear where you are and what you need SPECIFICALLY- and I’m going to have an opportunity to do that for FREE coming up really soon!).

Tool #1: Find your goal for this time next year.
Tips: it should be clear, tangible, and measurable-also make sure that it feels exciting, good, and JUST a bit of a stretch- growth is in the space JUST outside your comfort zone.
For instance, instead of “grow my community” you would specify “add 1000 people to my list and 500 people to my FB page”- see how that’s measurable?

Tool #2: Think about what areas of your biz would contribute to that goal.
Tips: get clear on all the different areas of your biz: ideal client, offerings, prospect process, marketing, community growth, team, rates/ finances, etc.
For instance, if your goal was the above one of “1000 people to my list and 500 people to my FB page,” then you’d know that the area you’ll want to focus on is community growth, marketing, and even ideal client. You DEF want to focus on ideal client for this goal, because WHO you add is actually MORE important than the numbers- you don’t want to be adding people in the dragnet fashion. What’s important is that the people that are seeing you and joining your list are ideal, ready to invest, and aligned. Better to have 100 ideal clients join than 500 people who won’t open your emails.

Tool #3: Identify what’s NOT working in your biz.
Tips: There are ALWAYS areas that need some loving in your biz and aren’t working at peak performance. And if you plan ahead and set up a brick road to follow and DON’T take the weak spots into account, your mark will be missed, and you’ll be popping a flat tire or blowing your head gasket at a crucial moment in your execution.
For instance, might be that your marketing isn’t clear and benefits-based enough, or that your “HOOK” is missing. Might be that your rates are off, or there are other boundary issues (hours spent working, ability to LEAVE work and check out to rest, you’re doing too much and not allowing or setting up support, etc). It might be that the clients and money are pouring in, but YOU’RE miserable, exhausted, or haven’t taken a vacation fully (Yeah, I mean actually PUTTING your phone and laptop AWAY. I know. The struggle is real.)

Want some FREE help with that last step? Stay tuned for some POWERFUL, FREE content to stop spinning your wheels. On it’s way to you soon, so make sure you’re on my mailing list. Get it, girl- just write “add me please!”

Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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