Know What’s MOST Important to Be Doing In Your Biz (to get ahead and FEEL successful)

You own your own business. It’s heart-centered work. You NEED it to succeed- your family depends on it. Your dreams and daily quality of life depend on it. The people whom you serve need it to succeed!


But instead of feeling like you’re moving steadily forward, with a clear path, where actions build on each other and are consistent, you’re feeling like a hamster on a wheel– your feet move ALL day, but at the end of the day, there you are, stepping off the wheel, exhausted and feeling like you’re in the SAME PLACE you were that morning (albeit with a few more household tasks piling up around you, unreturned phone calls/emails, a meal to cook, pets/kids/family/you to take care of…and you’re SO TIRED).


You set goals and work towards them, only partially sure that they’re the “right” goals and that they’re contributing to the big picture.


You get lost in the little things- the pieces that get in your way daily that aren’t necessarily building your biz.


You skip from marketing idea to marketing idea, task to task. You’re not sure which one is the “right” one, so you often don’t give each idea or plan enough time to figure out if it’s REALLY fruitful. It feels like a big waste of time and you’re treading water and getting frustrated.


If you feel ANY of these ways, you are SO not alone. Our FB and social media world is filled with “get rich quick,” glitzy, professionally written sales pages that promise you “10,000 new people on your list without FB ads!” “20K months without a list!” and chasing ALL the things ALL the people are telling you to do is exhaustive– AND, if you’re buying e-course after e-course of cookie-cutter formulas and strategies…it’s EXPENSIVE, too.


Here are a few of the TOP most important areas to be devoting time to in your biz:

Growing your community: no matter HOW awesome your offering is, if you’re pushing it to the same group of people over and over again, it’s going to stop selling. There needs to be consistent and persistent time in your calendar (I call this TIME ON your biz) to dedicate to growth of your community

Developing aligned content: this is the content that you use to serve your ideal client- make sure it’s fresh, exciting, aligned, and SUPER helpful.

Systems: is there a foundation of systems in place to run your biz effieciently and effectively as it grows? In other words, is it as easy to enroll 10 clients at a time as it is to enroll 1? Are there templates, forms, admin pieces in place to make your biz work effectively and efficiently without you (or your team) having to reinvent the wheel over and over again?

Client care: Hand in hand with the above piece: are there systems to enroll clients, set up their appointments, give them anything they need from you, make time to be with them, provide and follow up or next CTA to them afterwards? To get testimonials/feedback? Is the client care that’s provided consistent with your branding? Do people working with you feel taken care of?


And don’t forget the inner pieces that are crucial to attend to:

Energy management: How do you FEEL in your biz? Where in your biz or personal life is there a story that’s holding you back?

Self-confidence: Where are you not feeling great about yourself? Are you considering it a biz investment to work on your self-confidence however you need to?

Boundaries: In your work-life balance, in your relationships, in your work and life partnerships, in your friendships- what is out of alignment? Out of integrity? Not serving you?

Self-care/health: Do you have time in your schedule to care for you? Is it sacred? Do you take care of your body? Need to tweak anything about what you’re eating? How you’re moving or IF you’re moving?

How do you KNOW what’s most important for YOU to be doing in your biz? Are you able to make the time for it?


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Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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