The Load Bearing Walls of Your Business

adventure begins - breaking down the load bearing walls of your business

adventure begins - breaking down the load bearing walls of your business

The Load Bearing Walls Of Your Business

One of the absolute crowning achievements of my entire life has been being able to be conscious enough to get over a lot of the crap that I spent the early part of my life dealing with and become a really awesome mom for the most amazing kid that I’ve ever met in my life.

And it was a hard job because I came to being a mother with a lot of baggage.

I came to being a mother who very quickly becoming a single mother and a sole parent.

I came to being a mother being broke and on food stamps and waitressing five to six nights a week and having to leave my kids with someone else at night.

And I quickly realized that one of the most important things about parenting, and really every part of my life, was that I be able to have the time and space to be present.

And, that I be able to have freedom of time and be able to make my own schedule and have flexibility to move, or travel. And above everything else, to be able to be the person who got to raise my kid in the way that I wanted to raise her, in a very hands on sort of way.
When I started In Arms Coaching there were two purposes: one was to help other women, and the other was to create the life for myself and my child that I had only dreamed of.

And there’s a lot of smaterial, webinars, and articles out there right now telling you to “do this” and add five thousand names to your list. Or “do this” and make six figures a month. “Do this” and have the best $30,000 launch ever.

And we’re all chasing that rabbit, right? We’re all chasing the rabbit of financial freedom. Think of the greyhounds at the track, where they have this mechanical rabbit running and the greyhounds are all chasing it and chasing it.

And I’m pretty sure they never get that rabbit.

And that’s not to say we can’t create financial freedom for ourselves. But when I was envisioning In Arms Coaching and the kind of life it would allow me, one of the basic principles was freedom of time, (which I talk about in my Sacred Structure freebie that you can find on my website).

But the other was really knowing that I was doing something amazing in the world to help other women.

And that comes down to being successful doing something that you love in a way that actually allows you to earn more than enough money to live on, in a way that allows you to actually have passive income, in a way that actually allows you to work less than full time, if that’s what you want. Maybe you only want to work three or four days a week, not five or six. Or, for some of you, seven.

What it really comes down to is not so much the overnight success pieces, not so much the big flashy marketing pieces.

It comes down to a foundation, a really rock solid foundation. And that foundation is made up of inner and outer pieces. Pieces like how you spend your time. How you manage your inner and outer critic. The stories that you tell yourself and how you manage your energy when a launch flops or no one opens a newsletter. Or the client doesn’t buy, which happens. And then some of the outer foundational pieces, like how do you find your ideal client? How do you write aligned marketing that doesn’t feel douche-y? How do you set up boundaries for your team, for your clients, for your family?

These are all what I like to call the load bearing walls of creating a successful business. They’re a little bit less romantic than the big how-do-I-launch a six-figure launch, or how do I get to a thousand people for my newsletter? They’re not as glitzy and glamorous but, you know what? They hold up the entire structure of what you want to create.

I lead a community of women through working together to really look at the load bearing walls of your business and make sure that they’re holding up what it is that you want to create, whether that’s freedom of time, financial freedom, delegation freedom — maybe you want to create a business that someone else can take over and run and you can just go sit on an island somewhere and cash paychecks–whatever it is that you want in your business.

Because your business looks different than everyone else’s, right? And you don’t need formulas, you need someone who can hear what’s actually happening for you in your business. And this is kind of what I get off on. This is what blows my skirt up.

So you, me and a handful of women for this one week, starting September 19th. There’s a link below, to sign up. It’s right there.

I really love taking apart the structure, your load bearing wall, so that you can create a sustainable, enjoyable business that brings you everything you want it to bring you, but also leaves you time for everything else that you love in your life: eating potato chips, saving pitbulls, walking on the beach, reading good books. Those are some of my things. I’m sure you have your own list.


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Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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