Pinky Swear: You CANNOT Skip This Piece and STILL Feel Wealthy.

Let’s talk mindset for a minute.

Because here’s the naked, blaring truth: NO ONE gets into owning their own business for a carefree, easy-breezy, stroll-through-the-fields kind of life.

Not in the beginning, anyway. 

Easy-breezy might be your end goal: that bills are on auto-pay. 

Or your end goal might be that tasks are delegated and you’re working part time doing ONLY the things you LOVE while your team handles everything else (even while you’re poolside/hiking/reading stories to your kid/having date night)…

But easy-peasy-summer-breezy is an end game– NOT what you can expect when you’re new in biz, OR in a transition period from one level to another (and those will happen regularly if you’ve got a healthy, growing business!).

The reality is: growing a heart-centered biz that packs an impact while ALSO delivering you into the lap of financial stability and abundance can take you down a rocky road.

That part isn’t negotiable. But HOW rocky it FEELS is actually up to you. 

You get to choose if you want “Basic Rocky Road,” or “Sweat, Blood, and Tears Rocky Road.” It’s like choosing your ice cream flavor and how many scoops you want- but WAY less yummy.

And here’s something that shifts you onto the “Sweat, Blood, and Tears” path quicker than you can say “shot of whisky to go with my wounds…”

NOT being clear about where your stand with your money/abundance mindset.
Because here’s the deal: what you think, the stories you tell yourself, the baggage you bring to owning a biz: it makes a night and day difference in how your path feels as you grow your biz.
And if you have money mindset issues, if you have old fears and beliefs about ANYTHING related to abundance, finances, income, etc…it will STOP YOU. It will stick out it’s foot JUST as you’re picking up speed and send you straight into ass-over-teakettle mode.
WHY? Why can’t you just bury mindset issues away in a dark corner and pretend they’re not there? (I do that with the piles of mail in my kitchen, from time to time, and can TOTALLY forget they’re there! Why won’t it work with mindset shit, too?!?!?)
When money mindset blocks show up it often means there’s a belief that you can’t AFFORD to get support (whether that’s hiring an assistant, getting consulting or coaching support, getting housecleaning help so you can work at home without feeling called to do the dishes, or hiring out a piece that’s giving you headaches (and therefore not getting done) like your website or tech pieces…
And without support, you’re going to be doing MORE work, spending MORE time doing that work, and feeling afraid or resistant to planning ahead because then you’ll see clearly what OTHER work you need to factor in- and this is where the dangerous traps come in.
Yours might come in the form of the fear that more success = more work which = LESS time for yourself or your family. 
Or that planning ahead will get you stuck in big picture and you won’t be able to break it all down to bite sized pieces that are easy to execute persistently and consistently.

Or that planning ahead will cramp your creativity and make you feel restricted (I’ve actually found the more I plan ahead, the more I have TIME to be creative and do the other stuff I love!).

You might simply have a memory of attempting to plan and not achieving your goals or sticking to it- there might be a fear that you’ll experience that again.

I’ll be totally honest with you- right now we’re in the middle of planning ahead for two promotional events that are including the following team members: my client care VA. My new tech VA. A copy-writer. A FB ads manager. And my branding/design guru.

I eternally carry memories of setting up plans and not sticking to them. Or not working consistently, so I felt like I failed when I didn’t meet my end goal.

So I do something DIFFERENT now- I GET SUPPORT. Because planning ahead in my biz led me from making ends meet to SURPLUS of money. From JUST paying my bills to auto-pay. From enough money to buy our groceries to enough money to use to help others. Go on vacation with. Take time off.

And GIRL, at this point in my biz…the support AIN’T CHEAP. And honestly? Between you and me and every other brave-ass biz owner reading this post?
It STILL SCARES ME me. It STILL makes me uncomfortable to spend that money. I estimate the monthly cost in my head at night. I get afraid ALL my business will STOP and I won’t have money to pay them.
But you know what I’ve learned in 10 years of owning my own biz? In my shoe-string-budget growth from NO income to 6 figures?

Success doesn’t come when you labor under the delusion that you have to do it alone. 

It doesn’t FEEL good when you feel like YOU have to be the one doing everything. When you operate from fear and scarcity mentality, you attract prospects who have the SAME issues- and it makes it SO much harder to get the business- to convince THEM that they’re worthy of support when you find it so hard to invest in YOURSELF.

And here’s what I remember when I’m feeling uncomfortable: I deserve support. Support makes my work more effective. Support allows me to reach MORE women. Help MORE women. Teach MORE women. Inspire more. Work less. Be more comfortable. Save pit bulls. Have more time with my kid. Do ONLY the things in my biz that I LOVE and I’m good at.

Being willing to look the old stories and fears in the face (“there won’t be enough money.” “My business won’t last. People think I’m a fraud- they’ll see through me ONE of these days…”) to get the help I need has allowed me…FINALLY…to plan ahead.
To put my money where my mouth is and take the leap to allow experts to support me. And it all started with JUST hiring my coach, way back when I didn’t make ANY money (I worked my night job for almost two years while I built In Arms Coaching so I WOULD have a little money to start investing in building smartly and with support).
SO: got mindset issues that are getting in your way?
Are they stopping you from asking for what your work is worth? Raising your rates?
Investing in support?
Planning ahead?

The more you can PLAN ahead, the more you can make deliberate choices about what kind of support would be the BEST for you to start with.

The more you plan ahead, the more you can prioritize for what you WANT- what will move you the fastest and most comfortably towards ease, towards working smarter but not harder.

What would be different this time next year if you planned ahead and allowed yourself support NOW?

Try doing it with support. Join me for a day-long virtual planning retreat on August 8th (if you can’t make it live, we’ll send you the video after!)

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Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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