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"Feelin' Lonely" Lorelai

Ooooh woman...you’ve got struggles with growing your community and getting the word out there about what you do in a way that brings your people like milkshakes bring the boys to the yard.

“...H-h-ello? Is anybody out there?”

I’m SOOOO GLAD that you took this quiz, because make no mistake: community growth and getting  attention ON your biz is a “make-it-or-break-it” area.

It’s one of the LARGEST needle-pushers to getting a steady, sustainable, and ever-increasing flow of new, aligned, INVESTED and engaged people into your pipelines.

Which means: easy-peasy sales when you throw something new out there or decide to fill a program or sell out a product. 

And rest assured, oh sacred rebel,…you’re not alone, because visibility is a H-U-G-E issue for many women  in business.

Here’s how the symptoms of those #VisibilityProbz can show up in your biz and life:

  • Not knowing how to be visible in your business in a way that feels authentic, aligned, and NON-douchey and WORKS.
  • A community that just isn’t growing, no matter what new tactics you try—and you HATE “bro marketing” and are trying to steer clear of douchey-feeling sales tactics. SO WHAT DO YOU DO, INSTEAD?
  • Getting engagement from people in your network and audience feels like pushing a bag of cement uphill. When you try and sell something it’s either like pulling teeth for each new sale, or you get crickets.

And, for some…

  • HIDING from being visible at all because you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start.

So what do you do if you’re struggling to get visible so that you have an engaged and loving following who buy, refer peeps, and love your stuff? And, even scarier…what if everything you’ve tried to “get attention” and spread the word just feels GROSS?

The cure to douchey, bro-marketing is a concept I call “Be You Visibility”.

There are many folks out there right now who are being VERY visible, but not necessarily in an  authentic way. Not necessarily with deep integrity. Not necessarily from their heart and soul. I bet a few people came to mind even as you read this.

Does this mean you have to be douchey and inauthentic to be visible? 


In fact, even if you MAKE yourself practice some of that bro marketing, I’m betting it won’t work for you and your magical, transformational work, change-maker. But all visibility is NOT created  equal, and you DO need to be visible so that your people can FIND you and get your magic.

The alternative to being a douchey marketer is Be You Visibility: showing up in your biz as YOU. Choosing to market in a way that feels authentic and aligned with YOUR personality and  preferences. It’s the only way to build a biz that you actually feel passionate about.  

#TRUESTORY: You can’t attract the people who are perfect for you if you’re not willing to show up as who you truly are. 

Here’s the thing, though: “Getting visible” is harder than it sounds. It can take some really deep inner work to get access to a comfort level with being loud and proud to be you, because for most of  your life you’ve been conditioned to NOT be visible. To NOT stand out, or be you, or fly your freak flag in any way. Am I right?  

Growing up you might have had the experience that being different was a liability… not ALWAYS an asset. But in business? The opposite is true.  

Your uniqueness and your special, quirky magic is ACTUALLY what will help you stand out among all the noise and grow your community – because when your peeps can SEE you, they’ll be ATTRACTED to you and what you stand for.  So why is it so hard to be visible and authentic?  

First, it’s likely that you need support and guidance to overcome years (and maybe a  lifetime) of conditioning that taught you it’s safer to just blend in.  

Second… you need help with those blind spots! Some of the most unique things about you  might seem totally obvious and so second nature to you that you don’t even notice them — so  you’re not shouting them out to your community. My BFF has a saying: “You can’t always read the label from inside the jar.” So it is essential to have someone outside YOU who can share their perspective and wisdom with you.

Do you have that in place? If you have questions about how to FIND that person (or a TEAM of people who can support you with this), stay tuned. I got you.

Truthfully, creating the kind of visibility that draws your people to you like moths to a bright light is really hard to do by yourself! Having perspective from someone experienced in creating authentic and aligned visibility, who can see the magic that you can’t yet see in yourself is essential.

So what’s a sacred rebel like you to do about growing her community and spreading the word about her work?

By the way, a sacred rebel is someone who is READY to build a profitable, aligned and crazy  successful biz—without compromising on her worth or her values. Those are the women whom I help to build hot-as-hell businesses in less than 30 hours a week. Is that you? Then keep on reading…

Here’s how I helped my client Shannon spread the word without feeling like a gross, tacky bro marketer or taking out a second mortgage for thousands of dollars to spend on ads…

I worked with an AMAZING health coach — this woman was loving and supportive to her clients, and KNEW HER S#!@. But Shannon wasn’t attracting people easily. In fact, most days it felt like pulling teeth. People were reluctant to invest good money in being healthier. In feeling good in their body. In cleaning up their diet, and finding pleasurable ways to work movement into their days. 

One day on a coaching call Shannon mentioned that one of her clients came back and told her that after he did a certain blood test that she gives all her clients, he started eating only the foods from a list that Shannon provided him during their work. 

And guess what? WEIGHT STARTED FALLING OFF HIM. Without exercise. Without “dieting”- just by eating the foods that made him feel the best. That’s the DREAM, if you’re struggling with weight and health, right?

I told her, “You HAVE to use that example. You HAVE to start talking about that result — THAT’S why people will sign up to work with you. YOU know the  result is that they’ll be healthier, but that’s not hitting them at what they WANT.” 

And people starting signing up — even me 🙂 Clients started referring their friends and family. Shannon did NO advertising, but people started snapping up her programs. Her ideal clients were  motivated to sign up and pay for her support. Effortlessly. 

Part of “being you” is the sheer excitement that you get when you’re REALLY passionate about  something, and can’t wait to share it. Shannon LOVES to talk about how to eat in a way that  REALLY fuels your body and mind. About getting healthier by honoring yourself- not starving and  sacrificing. Her passion SHOWS, and it excites and motivates people. 

How about you? What do you LOVE to talk about in terms of your work? Your clients’ results? The  brilliance you EXCEL at sharing? 

THIS is the key to creating a simple, intuitive marketing plan that WORKS. Without the  overwhelm or investing in all the shiny bells and whistles. When you learn how to shine a light on  what LIGHTS YOU UP and gets you EXCITED — people will listen. And they will buy. So in order to  move forward, we need to identify… 

What is it about your work that gets you FIRED UP? What do you LOVE talking about?

And then, the next magical step is to learn how to craft your messaging and copy to articulate the value of what you offer, and how and WHY your ideal peeps NEED what you’re dishin’ out. This is a MAKE IT OR break it step: without effective copy and messaging you can have the MOST valuable product in the WORLD…but people won’t be able to FIND you. They won’t understand why they NEED what you have to offer. This is one of the reasons we have a copy-expert ON TEAM for my programs, who teaches our clients HOW to craft that messaging and copy…the stuff that brings all the boys to the yard, just like Kellis’ milkshakes. 

Where are YOU stuck? Tell Us what YOU need to know about crafting YOUR effective messaging in The Sacred Biz Rebels Facebook group. 

Britt Bolnick is a successful biz owner and magic maker living a life she loves in Maine.

She has traveled a path from financial scarcity to financial independence, building a 6-figure business she loves as a single mama working less than full-time. 

Britt mentors women who are 100% committed to the inner AND outer work of building thriving businesses that create visibility and wealth without compromising personal life OR sanity—teaching women to use authentic connections to build success, versus ad spend and common marketing hype. 

FUN FACT:  She’s used her tried and true magic time-management tools to establish a high-profile pit bull rescue while also running her business, having three days off a week, and being an avid book-reader and beach-walker. If you work with her, you WILL see pictures of adorable dogs that need homes…you were warned.

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