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"Needs Clarity" Claire

Ooooh woman...you’ve got a problem with creating CLARITY, and a major need for knowing your ideal client and how to position what you do in a way that allows your people to find you and line up for your stuff, credit card in hand.

Thank GOODNESS you found this quiz, because make no mistake: your ideal client and message  are “make-it-or-break-it” area for you AND your biz. 

And…you’re DEF not alone, my sacred rebel, because this is a H-U-G-E issue for many women in  business.

Here’s how the symptoms of those #ClarityProbz can show up in your biz and life:

  • Having too many different offers and services because you don’t want to leave anyone out who COULD pay you. (This also means you can get stuck in “creation” mode, always creating new things to make different people happy, instead of being able to articulate your IDEAL client and how your goodies serve them perfectly).
  • Having offers that aren’t clearly defined, other than how many months/sessions/calls your service includes. This means that your peep don’t QUITE get how CRAZY valuable your offers are, or why they best JUMP to work with you.
  • Creating AMAZING offers that your ideal clients don’t seem to respond to, which = LOTS of wasted time, with you questioning if you really have what it takes to make this whole business thing work.

…And so you often feel like you’re wandering around, shooting in the dark, trying to find what  your clients want — instead of offering the deep, heart-based work that you’re called to.


When you’re stuck in this place it can feel hard to decide what to offer that will really GRAB and motivate your people, or exactly how to offer it so it SELLS like pancakes at a firehouse breakfast. You feel unrooted and unsure of how to  make your work stand out uniquely. And getting stuck in self-doubt and frustration keeps you stuck in lower vibrations that are MAJOR MAGIC SQUASHERS. It’s hard to feel successful in this place.

Here’s why this is so damaging to your business...

The more specific and uniquely you can position your work, the easier it is for your perfect-fit clients to find you.

I know that sounds counterintuitive because you don’t want to exclude anyone who could potentially pay you — but a diluted message that attempts to speak to everyone is a  weak message that gets lost amongst the noise.  

Being stuck here doesn’t serve you, and it doesn’t help the people who NEED you because they can’t find you — and EVEN if they do, they might mistakenly assume that you’re not right for them because your  message and offers don’t speak as clearly to them as they could. EVERYONE loses!!! 

The first step in solving this problem this is understanding what sets you apart — and trust  me — there’s at least one thing (and probably MANY) that set you and your work apart. And I  don’t want you to go even a STEP further without seeing these clearly. If you don’t understand your  strengths, gifts, preferences and passion, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to create offers that feel good to you  and STAND OUT to the people you want to serve. 

I’m going to repeat that and add one more piece: If you don’t understand your strengths, gifts, preferences and passion and get COMFORTABLE being VISIBLE for them, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to create offers that feel good to you and STAND OUT to the people you want to serve. 

{Side note: as a first step, you might NOT be comfortable with the visibility. All that matters is that you find a way to DO IT, comfortable or NOT. AND…if you know that fear or discomfort with visibility is keeping your magic stuck in your throat, reach out to me at britt@inarmscoaching.com ASAP because your business WILL. NOT. WORK. if you’re totally stuck with visibility.}

The next step involves taking fear and moving it to the back seat of the vehicle. That’s right- your fear is a PART of you, so you don’t have to beat it with a bat or 86 it. It can get into the back seat and ride quietly, but it CANNOT pick the route OR fiddle with the radio station. 

A lack of clarity around  your clients and your offers is usually caused by fear — one fear could be that there aren’t enough people  who you will pay you to ONLY do what you love, so you try to cater to everyone in an attempt  to lose no-one, for example. If you’re trying to offer what you THINK people want from fear-based thinking, you’re not creating what’s  exciting and juicy to you- and that’s where the REAL ENERGY and RESULTS are hiding! 

The more clearly you understand this, the more effectively you can create offers that utilize  your gifts AND your passions, and the more effectively you can communicate what sets you  apart, and the easier it will be for your community to hear it, and your ideal client can FIND you and  understand that you’re going to be able to help them. (See? Getting clarity and busting through fear  creates a cascade of awesomeness in your life and biz).  

PLUS…clarity that TOTALLY blows your skirt up actually raises your vibration (whereas fear lowers and squashes it) so it’s MUCH easier to attract what you want from joy and excitement and clarity, whereas it’s almost impossible to create what you want from a place of fear (and if you DO, somehow, it won’t FEEL good when you get it).

So what’s a sacred rebel to do about creating offers that feel good and SELL to the right people?

By the way, a sacred rebel is someone who is READY to build a profitable, aligned and crazy successful biz—without compromising on her worth or her values. Those are the women I work with. Is that you? Then keep on  reading…

Here’s how I helped my super-woo, incredibly talented client Angela change up her offer in a way that got attention and felt amazing to put out into the world…

Angela used to offer 30 minute sessions for clients — they wanted those because they were the cheapest thing she offered. 

But she knew that the way she works with people, those sessions weren’t really SERVING her  clients, and they were catering to THEIR scarcity fear (that they couldn’t afford REAL support from  her) AND hers (that if she told them how she could REALLY help them, they wouldn’t value and pay  for it). 

We worked together on her ideal client (someone who feels good about investing in the support  they want, and are happy to pay for the best support they can find) and how she could IDEALLY  serve them (60 minute sessions at LEAST, and small bundles of sessions over a period of time to  work on root issues they need support with) and she pulled the 30 minute, cheapie sessions (was it  scary? YES. And that’s why she had plenty of support in facing that fear and doing what was BEST for her, her  clients, AND her biz- she didn’t try to do it alone. She had tried that for YEARS and kept hitting the SAME blocks over and over again, so she got FED UP and tried something DIFFERENT: doing it with support, accountability, and structure). 

Angela found that she lost a few clients who would never have invested beyond the tiny sessions…And she then filled those spots with HIGHER paying, higher-quality clients! 

When Angela made the bold and brave decision to stand up for what SHE was passionate  about and how SHE knew her offers worked BEST for her clients, and then aligned her message to speak to the people who  would VALUE her unique approach… those people began finding her and booking her. And when  they did, they were willing to pay for and SHOW UP to REALLY do the work.  This also meant the level of client satisfaction went UP, and these new clients are way more likely to refer new people.

What kind of work are you ready to say NO to—even if that feels scary as HELL?

Britt Bolnick is a successful biz owner and magic maker living a life she loves in Maine.

She has traveled a path from financial scarcity to financial independence, building a 6-figure business she loves as a single mama working less than full-time. 

Britt mentors women who are 100% committed to the inner AND outer work of building thriving businesses that create visibility and wealth without compromising personal life OR sanity—teaching women to use authentic connections to build success, versus ad spend and common marketing hype. 

FUN FACT:  She’s used her tried and true magic time-management tools to establish a high-profile pit bull rescue while also running her business, having three days off a week, and being an avid book-reader and beach-walker. If you work with her, you WILL see pictures of adorable dogs that need homes…you were warned.

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