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Creating Sacred ​Structure

Time-bending, magical tools to make space for what you need AND love in business and life.

In this free worksheet, I’m sharing the very first step I teach my clients who want their businesses to be a source of greater income and ease while also having plenty of time and energy for the things (and people) that bring them joy.


You didn’t start your business to spend LESS time with your kids or partner or to overextend yourself to the point that you self-sabotage by not emailing that new client back (because you already have SO much on your plate) and then begin to fantasize about shutting it all down to work at Starbucks. (We’ve all been there!)

You started your business to have more time freedom, more income, more creative outlets, and to heal the world with your unique blend of creativity and magic.

It’s a common misconception among business owners that you have to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else. (I used to joke about this before I realized it was literally killing me!)

The answer to bending time? Sacred Structure.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the worksheet:

1. What Sacred Structure is, and why it’s a game changer for women who want to build a business that supports them instead of feeling exhausted before the alarm goes off in the morning. 
2. My top 3 rules for using Sacred Structure to create a container that feeds your business and personal life in a way that feels aligned with your highest self (while getting the most important things checked off your list!)
3. How to get crystal clear on your highest priorities (and what activities are sucking the life out of you!) 

You’ll get access to my Future You Guided Meditation and journal worksheet, which you can use at any time to access your inner wisdom to receive even more clarity about your goals and desires.

You have too much light to share with the world to stay stuck in overwhelm and procrastination.

Sacred Structure

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