Say it with me…”The definition of insanity is…”

definition of insanity

Say it with me…”The definition of insanity is…”

Say it with me– I know you know it.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Are you being insane?

I’ve been insane in my biz.

I’ve put off planning, even though it meant I was doing things at the last minute…and being crushed when the results SUCKED.

I’ve put off getting more support, even though it meant I was overwhelmed, letting balls dropped, and not working in my zone of brilliance…even though it meant I burnt out and got to serve less women.

I’ve avoided working inner pieces that had to do with money fears, old beliefs about time and organization, and my inner critic voice and self-confidence…even though it prevented me from reaching my goals…OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

But a few years ago, I set a new goal: to NOT act like a nut in my biz and expect it to work well for me.

Crazy, right?

Here’s what this looks like:

*I plan ahead, so I’m not crazy, I can delegate to my team (without THEM being crazy) and I can speak to MANY more women than I used to be able to. This results in more clients, a happier team, and more time and sanity for me.

*I jumped out on a limb, took a leap of faith, and hired MORE support BEFORE the extra money was there. THIS has resulted in STELLAR copy that speaks to my ideal client without my pulling my hair out, and AMAZING website, and new program offerings for my community– all with LESS WORK FROM ME!

* I work on my inner crap like a MOFO. This means being honest– with myself, with my inner circle of support, with my coach– about what’s in my way and how I’m being blocked. This means I can see shit coming up, voice it, clear it, and move forward without drag! Imagine???

But it takes intention. It takes commitment. It takes being uncomfortable, and sometimes leaping before it feels QUITE safe. But the other side is glorious.

Where in your biz are you ready to stop being insane?

  • Is it NOT running in circles but instead, picking clear places in your biz to focus on and grow?
  • Is it learning to manage your time so you’re not doing the chicken-without-a-head thing? (Cuz that SUCKS).
  • Is it learning boundaries, how to balance out your inner critic voice, or learning to be comfortable being seen as an expert in your field?

Where are you ready to stop acting crazy in your biz?


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Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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