Sovereign Leader Speaker Series

FREE: the full right to make all of one’s own decisions 

SOVEREIGN: being empowered within yourself 

AUTONOMOUS: self-governing 

INDEPENDENT: unique and playing by your own rule 

You are a magic-maker.

You change energy all around you—with your work, by seeing and hearing people, with your heart and the way you love. Your work creates ripples in the world that are SO necessary for the change we envision...we NEED.

You are a change-maker.

You are a woman who builds from within, healing, inspiring, turning wounds into strength, illness into health, scarcity into prosperity, injustice to justice—search for inspiration—models of power-from-within vs power-over. are ready...

to step into a new kind of business leadership, Sovereign Leadership.

It's time for heart-centered women to stop shrinking from taking positions of leadership—or not identifying as a leader in the first place.

Come with us on this journey...

Why do we shrink from leadership?

Because the current mode of leadership isn't aligned.

Because the current "bigwigs" aren't who we are and don't represent how we present ourselves in the world.

Because we resent the idea that we have to change who we are and how we walk through the world to fit in and gain the power to influence people. 

Because we refuse to step into power "over" another and know we are meant to empower others. 

We’ve been given shitty examples of leaders, of leadership, of power, of influence. It’s time to tighten the circle, redefine our terms, and show up the way WE WANT to show up.

It’s time to show up as a Sovereign Leader.

Join us now

It’s time to:

  • own your magic and your brilliance… 
  • walk an even more authentic and inspiring path...  
  • finally wear that cloak of the bravery and wisdom you’ve cultivated without even knowing it… 
  • speak your truth...
  • tap into your power to create magic, impact, and CHANGE—without burnout, depletion, or heartache...

And one of the best ways to learn all of this…is to have it modeled for you, is to hear the hearts and stories of women who have done it before.

Sovereign Leader Speaker Series

The Sovereign Leader Speaker series brings you informal, honest, bad-ass conversations with women who use magic to lead the way on their path, in their communities, and from their fierce and inspirational heart.

Join us. It's free.

They’ll be sharing stories of what inspires THEM. Mistakes they’ve made. Their own practices of boosting their energy, claiming their power, and leading by example. The way they escape the patriarchy and it’s narrow, unhealthy definition of leadership. And a tool just for you from their own journey.

Sovereign women lead from the heart and use their energy to give others a hand up: power-from-within vs power-over. 

They understand how to use ritual and prayer to connect with their own voices and wisdom and use it to impact and influence their daily life. 

They walk their talk, making time to turn inwards, to connect with the sacred. They also CHECK themselves and own their issues, the work they need to do, the mistakes they make. 

They practice self-love, and fierce boundaries, and it SHOWS—their relationships are in right balance. 

They’re OUT and LOUD about their connection to Spirit. By making time for prayer, for ritual, for ceremony, they nurture their connection to their inner wisdom and a sense of personal empowerment that guides them in even the darkest of times. 

They prioritize time for themselves, and their families and friends. 

They put themselves on the line for who and what they believe in, all while deeply valueing and loving themselves- fiercely, with swords drawn and a support system of other women warriors behind them. 

They practice community building and collaboration, not competition and fear-based grabs for power or Things.  

Step into a new kind of business leadership.

Sovereign Leader Speaker Series
Britt Bolnick

I’m Britt Bolnick: Business Coach, Founder of In Arms Coaching, and sworn enemy to the "CEO BOSS LADY" B.S. that keeps brilliant women like you feeling like you're supposed to be someone you're NOT. (Permission granted to stop that now).

I just want as many women as possible to be touched by these Sovereign Leader conversations, by these stories, by our re-defining of the concept of leadership—in a way that you can take directly into your work. Your life. Your world.

Britt Bolnick In Arms Coaching

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