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Master Your Time

A FREE 5-day growth experience for female entrepreneurs
to engineer your time, stick to your schedule,and still make time for fun.
October 31st – November 4th



I have some exciting news! I got MARRIED! That’s kind of crazy to me because I swore that I would never get re-married, but…there it is. 🙂

But that’s not even actually the most exciting news- it’s not the piece that I wanted to share with you today.
What I want to share with you is about how I managed my time in my biz in order to take time off and not stress about getting married. Because for me, having my own business is about OWNERSHIP. I created it in order to have ownership over my finances, over my time, over everything in my life.

And this wedding was a real benchmark of how I’ve managed to own my time since having this biz that I took from food stamps and waitressing 5 nights a week to 6 figures and working 4 days a week while putting my family, self, relationships, my self-care all FIRST.

It’s the fall now, and I have my two biggest, live programs enrolling – the fall is my biggest enrollment period (and that work all starts in the summer). But what also starts in the summer is my time OFF. I like to take a LOT of time off in the summer- usually most of August is off for me.

Yet, fall enrollment was starting and I knew that I was also taking a lot of time off in September to get married.

SO: I stuck a promotional event in August. It felt kind of icky, but I was working from this scarcity fear that I had to do it then or I wouldn’t get enough people in my program. So I scheduled this big event for August and then it totally flopped. As soon as I opened the doors, NOTHING happened. It felt terrible, I couldn’t get any visibility for it, and it just felt STUCK.

(Made WORST by the fact that I didn’t want to be working in August ANYWAY- I use August to step AWAY from my biz and get a bird’s eye view. That time OFF is really important for my fall.)

I took the promotional week and I stuck it in the week between getting married and then going away for a long weekend after my wedding. (Would people think I was a disaster for changing the date of it? YIKES!)

I cleared two weeks for my wedding— I took the week off before my wedding and then I cleared the week AFTER my wedding JUST for doing that promotional work— no clients, just the promo week.

Because of the way that I’ve learned to manage my time, I got to take most of August off, time around my wedding off (LOTS of self-care, relaxing, time for introspection so I could be REALLY present and clear for the big day), and then I got to clear the week between the wedding and going away with my new hubby JUST to do the promotion, which meant I got most of every day off but I got to dedicate this super-focused amount of time JUST to focus on my biz, on the women in that event, all through that week.

So it felt really GOOD. It didn’t feel stressful, or like I was dragging myself back to work. And I rocked it for the women involved (LOTS of women this time! :-))

This cornerstone of time-management has been SO important to me as I’ve grown this biz that I was determined would not come before myself, or the care of my child, or being present in the moment.

And I want to teach YOU how to do the same thing.

A FREE 5-day growth experience for female entrepreneurs
to engineer your time, stick to your schedule,and still make time for fun.
October 31st – November 4th



Because YOU are most likely a women, who is juggling 500 things, and you really want to create a biz that earns you what you want to earn without compromising you in the rest of your life.

I want you to be able to do the work that you love, without it coming at the cost of your relationships, self-care, parenting, whatever…and there’s time for EVERYTHING that’s important to you.

So join me the week of October 31st for a free, interactive virtual retreat week with me— I’ll lead you through making some time and space to work ON your biz, instead of just being In your biz all the time.

In just a little time each day, here’s what we’re going to do:

  • I’m going to lead you to getting clear on where time management ISN’T working for you- YOU’RE specific problems with it.
  • We’re also going to look at what you want for your biz: clear, concise goal-setting
  • Then you get my hard and fast tools that are so easy to apply that you can manage your time instead of your time managing YOU.

These tools are the CRUX of what I teach my private clients that allows them to make the space to work on their biz instead of just in it all the time (HAMSTER WHEELS! Look at those little feet speeding along! Yet at the end of the day, that poor rodent is in the EXACT SAME SPOT).

There will also be a 2-hour interactive virtual workshop with me Tuesday night, Nov. 1st, that’s going to be full of actionable tools and biz practices that really buck the whole “no pain, no gain” model of building a biz.

I want you to know that these weeks are built around personal attention from me, for you.

You are asking for and getting ongoing support as you work the pieces that I teach you throughout the week in our online community. You’ll have access to me for questions, feedback, or in any places that you find yourself getting stuck.

The icing on the cake is a community of women to connect with, get support from, and network with 🙂

Then, I’ll be ending the week with a little extra, bonus blast to move you forward.
Because once you master your time, you need an effective, really concise funnel so that your clients can find you and really understand the value of what you’re offering. This is about getting VISIBLE and being able to attract your ideal client from afar in a way that doesn’t feel douchey.

You’ll end your week with a concrete action plan to move forward with all that time you made to work ON your biz.


Master Your Time.
With a (free) proven tool to grow a successful business.


Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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