Here's What You Get In Our Private Membership Group:
                    Updated content:  tools, wisdom, and guidance to run your biz successfully without feeling overwhelmed or unfocused:
might be videos, worksheets, or recordings that I drop on you that are filled with crucial info delivered to you with experiential exercises and work so you can apply the topic and tools DIRECTLY to your work. These deep, and information-packed goodies will provide the inner and outer building blocks and skills you need to get clarity, focus and take action steps to put the lesson into action in your biz or current goal right away.
(value: $500)

ONE, 60-minute, live group Q&A call per month

where you get time with me on the phone to bring your specific questions and challenges for my support to move you forward. I will help you dissolve blocks that are keeping you stuck, set up a structure that works for you, answer logistical, external or internal issues that come up for you as you move forward. I am told time and time again that this live time with me is INCREDIBLY valuable- you'll walk away excited, focused, and clear about your next step that month.

(VALUE: $800)

Private Facebook community of supportive women 

women who work with me LOVE the community containers I set up: a space where you'll feel seen and heard by women who GET you, and want to support you and shout you out. You’ll even be able to connect with other private members to grow your biz -- so many of my community turn to each other for biz needs!

(VALUE: immeasurable)

Hands-on, experiential, out-of-the-box tools

that apply the work from the library, give you a chance to make it YOURS, and then share it with the group. you have an interactive FB group to post your work in  to provide guidance and support to stay on track and move forward.

(VALUE: $200)

My attention, guidance, and answers to your questions

I will be responding to YOU personally in your group space and in your monthly Q&A calls. This valuable piece means that you’ll have the opportunity to feel seen and heard, personally.

(VALUE: $200)


This community is for you if you’re ready to grow your business within a TRIBE of women, who value personalized support, mentorship, structure, and wisdom, because:

How you feel as you grow your biz is as important as what you do as you grow your biz. 

Ready to stop feeling alone in your biz?  

Want to feel in control of your time, with enough space for ALL the important things you need to do each week?
Could you use MORE bad-ass, motivated, inspiring, dedicated and focused women in your community? Would you like a TRIBE of them?


» It took work around my old fears and beliefs (like that I just couldn’t be organized enough to structure my day with time for everything- every felt THAT one? Or that the more money I made, the more money I’d spend. Or that I couldn’t raise my rates, because that was a gross thing to do and no one would pay it. Or that I had to choose ONE: raising my kid OR building a successful biz).

» It took major inner work around dismantling my resistances, the old stories I told myself about myself.
» It took mentorship - guidance to help me see where I was stuck and to get clear on how I wanted to move forward and what steps were needed. 

» It took support - women, groups, and coaches that helped me see clearly, set goals, and move every single day towards them, problem-solving as I went.

When you’re trying to soldier through - doing the work all by yourself - the work of learning how to grow your biz and STILL have time for yourself and your family, when you’re feeling stuck with mis-aligned projects or offerings, when it’s not clear how to get yourself more OUT there with what you love... it SUCKS the joy from your life and keeps you from growing in your biz - and you’re ALONE with it all.

The community that you developed allowed me to grow beyond my dreams.

I had started to compare my business towhat others were doing but you got me out of that mindset. Your videos each day made me feel like you were talking to ME alone. They motivated me, challanged me, and encouraged me- all at the same time. I enjoyed the feedback from everyone in the community. Despite the differences in our businesses, we were all struggling with the same things."

Hope Wissel,
H.O.P.E: Helping Others Persue Excellence

Britt spoke to me and my concerns in a way that really felt genuine - no-nonsense, down-to-earth, but also deep, spiritual, with stories of laughter. I wanted more.

I love how Britt combines the inner work with the outer work. I got a lot from the work of deliberately connecting with our fears and resistance, and then doing the external work. Hearing the other women’s questions, and how Britt thoughtfully answered them, helped me to see new aspects of my business that I might not have even considered otherwise."

Nikki Starcat Shields,
Feline Dreamer

We’ve all come so far. We’re all entrepreneurs with businesses created out of dreams.
I am super excited to get crystal clear about those future goals, because I know I’m ready to achieve them! (Britt can attest to how big of a shift this is for me. This is like, chills down my spine big. This is shedding skin big.
This is, goodbye former false beliefs big!)
 I said it before, Britt, but I think of you like my business’ fairy godmother. It’s so, so, so freakin’ true. You beautiful magic maker you."

Arly Scully,
Arly Scully Massage

Not buying into the bullshit that you should be doing this all on your own can be the difference between growing your biz from 70 hours of work a week and sub-standard 30-40 hours a week and more income coming in every year. 


» Feeling connected to a mentor who will help you grow your biz by working smarter- not harder.
»  Having access to individual support that is there when you have a question, feel stuck or unclear, and need guidance.
»  Learning effective, powerful, tools, tips, and systems that will help you grow your biz ALONG with the  rest of your life- not instead of it. Having a community where you feel visible, seen and heard.
»  Being supported with hands-on, experiential learning that supports you in applying proven tools directly to your problems, stuck places, and issues- not trying to execute meaningless formulas used by other people.
» Being a part of a Tribe of bad-ass women who support each other, shout each other out, and share information, resources, and inspiration.
Over and over again the women in my community have remarked on the Tribe of women I invite to come together. And after dreaming about how to create MORE powerful, interactive community, visioning, and planning, I bring you:

And I started from heartbreak and food stamps.

Growing In Arms Coaching from something I did in a few hours squeezed in a day - in between being a single parent of a little person, waitressing all night 5-6 nights a week and feeling at the end of my rope….

to a 6 figure biz that I can’t wait to wake up to, work about 4 days a week (at most, usually) and stop at 3 pm most days, took NOT JUST TOOLS and wisdom and outer work...

Tribe of Sacred Rebels 
The Tribe of Sacred Rebels is an ongoing, private community of bad-ass women that will give you monthly tools, support, structure, and accountability to step into sustainable change for your biz - change that feels exciting, motivated, and EASY - not draining, difficult, and overwhelming.


We'll see you inside.