Was Wu-Tang WRONG?

I’m daring to say it – it’s not all about the money. (Cue WuTang with “C.R.E.A.M”)

We all want to make a healthy living doing what we love. 
We all want to have our bills on auto pay and be able to swing family vacations and fun experiences. 

But  when you chase the money instead of the HEART mission, the success winds up feeling emptier than you thought it would. I teach women that making money is a symptom of a healthy, thriving business- not the be-all and end-all goal.

Because making money SHOULDN’T feel like it has to come at the price of your health, your relationships, or your sanity.

It doesn’t wind up feeling worth it if the mighty dolla-dolla-bill makes you choose between being present for yourself or your family…or having a successful biz.

And for too many women biz owners, I’m hearing that this is a problem- choosing between a healthy life or a thriving business.

When I say a “thriving business”, I mean a business that has a foundation that’s built to support greatness. It’s built to support the impact you want to have on the world. It’s built to support freedom of time for you, a stable ever growing income, and a day-to-day life that you absolutely love. 

I’m talking about a business that serves the people it’s meant to serve. I’m talking about a business where it’s crystal clear the benefits that you bring to the people that you serve I’m talking about a business that grows because of your connection with who you are authentically and what you do – one that’s what you’re talking about there’s no need to feel like you’re selling or feeling icky or douchey.

And there’s a key to having both a healthy personal life AND a thriving business. 

Hang on- don’t stop reading!  

I was a die-hard planning-avoider for YEARS.

I avoided planning because I had tried and failed. Because I told myself I was TERRIBLE at organizing myself. Because I saw myself as someone who couldn’t stick to things.

And year after year, my biz JUST made ends meet. True, it allowed me to quit my night job, have more freedom of time than I had had before, but I was still stuck on the hamster wheel of dollars for hours, and only making enough money to cover our needs.

I couldn’t make it through the ceiling to EXTRA money. To savings. To putting bills on auto-pay.

And I was TIED to my biz because I was still in the dollars-for-hours model- thinking about time off, or putting my screens away and not responding to emails…TERRIFYING.

Does this resonate for you?

And finally, I was miserable and stuck enough to TRY planning ahead- but it took support. 

Here are the ways I got started:

1. I got REALLY honest about the baggage I was dragging behind me.
Honestly, if you’re trying something where there’s a story about how you’ve tried and failed before, it’s MUCH harder to get excited and focused about it.
List out the beliefs, fears, and stories you have about planning ahead and getting organized in your biz. Get ’em ALL out into the light where you can see them clearly.

2. I asked for support- AND accepted it.
I knew I was entering this new level ALREADY feeling behind, so I asked for support- from my coach, to make a plan that felt exciting, do-able, and aligned, and from my mastermind group for support, accountability, and love while I did this thing I was afraid of doing.
What are three ways you could get support that would virtually CHANGE the way your day feels, the amount of time you work, or the results you see?

3. I was nice to myself.
Hey- life happens. And most of us get into our own biz to have freedom of time and be able to put ourselves, our families, our lives FIRST. SO…NOT EVERYTHING happened the way I wanted it to, or WHEN I wanted it to, and I had to learn to be gentle and forgiving with myself. I would periodically ask myself the following questions:
  • What worked this month? (Asking for help, delegating, having SMALL steps towards my goals, making time and space in my calendar for the work that needed to be done…)
  • What DIDN’t work this month? (Putting other people’s needs ahead of my own, not sticking to my structure, adding things that weren’t important, not taking a juicy lunch break, trying to do too much myself/not asking for help…)
  • What would work better NEXT month? (making sure I have time and space for each important thing. Building in a mandatory lunch hour, going to bed earlier, exercising 3x during the week, delegating some low-level things…)
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Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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