Why WOULDN’T you be in it to win it?

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Once you commit to something, doesn’t it just MAKE SENSE that you’d show up?

And yet, have you ever taken a step towards something that you wanted SO badly (yes, in your business, but you might have also seen this in the area of relationships, self-care {UH, anyone ELSE have a Planet Fitness membership that they bought because it WAS ONLY $10 A MONTH…and then canceled it a year later with 4 visits under your (still-the-same-size) belt})? Is that ONLY me???)…but once you stepped into it, committed to it, or signed up, it just didn’t happen the way you wanted it to?

I don’t know how immersed you are in FB right now, but lately I’ve seen a lot of the more visible leaders in the coaching industry promoting a certain guru-level business woman’s program (it’s that time of year) and it’s gotten me thinking.

This program that’s being promoted is one of those uber-famous ones that really sounds like THE CURE for an ailing, invisible, or young business.

Some of the people who took it years ago are SUPER famous and rich right now, and they credit this program with getting them on their way.

Meanwhile…there are hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of people who ALSO took the program who experienced moderate to slim success in their business.

Were the people who became famous different? What made the difference?

I’ve been talking on FB about my recent leap into a group that, up until recently, felt like a misaligned fit for me, BNI International (shout out to my chapter, Rising Tide in Saco!!!)

I’m not going to go into the story about what changed my mind about joining (although feel free to reach out and ask me about it!) but I’m noticing something similar: some people join and just EXCEL, with lots of referrals both passed and given, and thousands and thousands of dollars in revenue just from the connections they make in the organization.

And…some people join and see little to NO return on their investment. So again, what sets them apart?

I honestly don’t think that the difference is the business, or even the talent of the business owner. 

I think that some people commit to something and SHOW UP. Participate. Are in it to win it. ROCK the hell out of whatever it is….

And some don’t.

And the people who DO SHOW UP and commit, well, they do well with most of the tools they’re given, because their heart is in it and there’s no plan B. And that’s what it REALLY takes to make something (especially a biz) work.

{SIDE NOTE: you don’t have to be REALLY good at whatever you joined to rock it. Example: I am TERRIBLE in classic networking situations because A) I have awful social anxiety and B) I’m just REALLY terrible at small talk, moving around a room with different groups, and pretty much anything involving inserting myself into conversations with people I don’t know well. Does that spell my demise with BNI (where that’s actually a really important facet of the group)? NO. But it DOES spell an area and skill that I’m throwing myself into learning in every possible way—and guess what? I’M GETTING BETTER AT IT!}

So here’s the thing. If you’re one of those people who COULD be showing up MORE for something you committed to (a program. A project. A relationship. A client. A networking group. Etc….)…

You might actually have REASONS that need to be acknowledged before you can really be all in. This is an area I work with my clients a lot around: the inner work.

For instance, what could you possibly LOVE about being successful in your biz??? WHY on EARTH would you commit to something and then NOT SHOW UP?

Well, sweet soul, I bet if this resonates, you have some GREAT reasons, actually.

PS. Here’s a video I did on this over in the land of Face: I had AT LEAST 30 reasons to want to STOP my business from growing.

Britt and Diggy


Britt is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker who is deeply in service to women who are fully committed to building a business they LOVE, that is lucrative, joyful, AND leaves them time to do all the other things they love in their life.

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