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Business Woman!

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Because there’s nothing more affirming, encouraging, and uplifting than finding a sisterhood of entrepreneurial women, just like you to join up with on the path to your ultimate success.

Women who understand what it’s like to set out on a mission to give your gifts to the world in exchange for freedom, flexibility, and financial sovereignty.

And we know from experience that when you’re trying to follow the traditional CEO/Bosslady map, it doesn’t look anything like your dreams and spoiler alert: it never will.

That style was never meant for women like us.

Because we actually want it ALL.

So if you’re...

Rest assured it’s not you.

No one likely told you...

The good news is, you’re here now, and it’s no mistake.

Hi, I'm

Britt Bolnick

And like you, I knew that running my own business was the right path for me.

It wasn’t hard to crave freedom and autonomy when I was working 6-7 nights a week as a single mom raising a toddler and relying on food stamps.

I won’t take you through every trial and triumph, but I will tell you that it was all eventually worth it.

Because now I work 3-4 days a week running a 6-figure business I absolutely love and I own a non-profit pit bull rescue on the side.

And I’m not a secret slave to any of it.

I have plenty of time and energy for my family, friendships, and myself.

Imagine that.

The WHOLE reason I went into business for myself in the first place was so that I could have a balanced life, be present to raise my daughter, be in service to my clients, and maintain a wonderful life with plenty of time for all the things I love!

I wasn’t looking to make billions of dollars (lots of money to do what I love and support the causes that are important to me—YES. Billions? Not necessary :-).

Being in a position to call the shots, having all the financial resources I need, and plenty of time to spare.

But if it weren’t for the mentorship of other wise business women, the tools to access my deep intuition, and some less-than-conventional approaches to shifting the energy it takes to succeed, I never would have made it.

But I did.

Britt and Diggy

And you can too—listen to what clients are saying...

So once again, I’m glad you found us.

We have the wisdom, support, answers, and guidance you need.

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