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britt bolnick coach


Heads up, biz owners.

Your biz is not just about making money- how you FEEL as you make money is as crucial as what you’re doing, how much you’re making, or how you’re making it. It is my deepest belief that you can reach your unique definition of success
without burnout, compromise, or settling in your personal life.

I believe that you and your work are worthy of support. You are stronger with support. All successful women allow themselves to receive support – it’s what blasts you forward
on your path.

When you have clarity, focus, and you’re committed like a BOSS, you can make MAGIC happen – in your biz, yes- but also in your relationships, your parenting, and your self-care. AND they’re ALL tied together – I call bullshit on that whole
“professional and personal are separate.” Bullshit.


Know this:

We’re all stronger when we support each other.
Women working together to speak their truth IS the new model of leadership.
The world needs you to be AUTHENTIC. You’re not going to help BE the change using the same old tired tools that HAVEN’T worked in the past – and we badly need YOU and the work you’re doing. We do.
It’s time to try something new. You and your heart-centered work are
WORTHY of something new. Are you ready?







In Arms Coaching has some powerful options for women who are committed to building bad-ass businesses that bring home the bacon and provide space for the relationships that feed your soul as well as all the other juicy bits you want your life full of.


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